PC: Call of Duty 4 Pay2Play Ladder (LIVE)
Admins: GoTTi, Jonn, MARC, shly, vod
Ladder unlocked 2:20pm 20/8/17 by uzuma.
The Ladder time is: 20/3/18 - 6:33pm
This ladder is set to TURBO Mode, teams have less time to accept challenges and are able to offer dates very close into the future.View ladder settings
In order to increase activity for Outpost on Fire 6 LAN, there will be a lot of changes this season:

Ladder duration
21st of August - 23rd of October

Mixer rules
Every team is allowed to use maximum TWO mixers each game if the following requirements are met:
1.) The opponent agrees to the usage of mixers on the match page. Enemy team has to be informed on who the mixers are.
2.) The mixers join CGAC and record demos.

Ladder format
There will be NO playoff stage!
There will only be a ladder stage. At the end of the season, ranks 1, 2 and 3 will receive their prizemoney.

After the last Outpost on Fire event, activity decreased enormously and the playoffs weren't played properly. This way, everyone has even chances of winning this season. It all depends on the amount of times you play, your consistency and the skill of your team.

Maps & matchmode
Maps will be randomized after a challenge has been accepted, there will be 3 maps posted on the match page which have to be played from top to bottom in which the last map is a decider in case each team has won one map. Match mode is MR12 with MR3 OT.

Entry fee
€0 - 5 man team – 3 changes – paid for OOF6 (I will be covering the costs)
€15 - 5 Man team - 3 changes
€25 - 7 man team - 3 changes
€10 - 2 extra changes

Payment method
Payment will be done via my private paypal, please note down your team link and name of the captain. Prizing will be 15 or 25€ please make sure you send it as gift.
This will open up the possibility of donations for the prize pool. Donators will receive a heart-warming thank you in this forum thread and will be listed in the main post.
Donators message will be noted down under their donation amount.

Ladder Details: TL;DR
Payment address (PayPal):
Payment amount: 15-25€
Payment comment: Link to the team + CG Name of the captain
Ladder Link:
Ladder Start: 21st of August (will start earlier as soon 8 teams paid)
Ladder Duration: 21st of August - 23rd of October
Prize Pool: (will be updated below with incoming payments / donations)

All rules are guidelines for CG Admins, we reserve the right to make decisions as we see fit.

Paid Teams:
Northern Souls

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