In this competition most of our standard CoD2 S&D Rules apply. You can read them here. Down below are league specific rules that will prevail the standard rules.

Teams are locked, this means that only a CG staff member can add or remove players. If you want to add or remove a player, please make a support ticket with all information needed to remove/add a player.

Teams are allowed to add 2 players during the groupstage and 1 player during the playoffs.

Once a player has played for a team he can NOT play for an other team, even if both teams agree.

To get in touch with your opponent before a match, you should contact them directly through CyberGamer Match Page. Keep in mind that chatlogs from evolve / irc or other chatprograms are not proof. Only comments in the match are official

Matches are forced on wednesday and sunday, that does not mean you cant play those matches on an other day. If you need help with sheduling a match, contact an admin and he will help. There are 2 matches in 1 matchweek.

Each team will be given two (2) wildcards to reschedule their matches. If a team can't play a match, one of team members must claim wildcard on a match page. This can be done untill the scheduled match time. When a team claims a wildcard, an admin will reschedule their match a week after the group stage is over. Teams may play their match before the scheduled date, but if they don't, this will be a new forced date for them.

Teams are allowed to provide their own server as long as it doesn't conflict with any other server rules. A server proposed by a team is not binding - it is only considered as suggested server. If teams cannot agree or if they don't have a server, they will need to contact an admin to provide them a server.

Server admins must set pam_mode to cg_mr12. If the score is tie (12-12) and overtime needs to be played, then pam_mode must be changed to cg_mr3.

In the group stage a map format is BO3 (Best of 3) and in the playoffs BO3 (Best of 3). Only the following maps can be played:
  • mp_burgundy
  • mp_carentan
  • mp_dawnville
  • mp_matmata
  • mp_toujane

Pistol bash (pam_mode bash).
Loser of pistol bash eliminates one map.
Winner of pistol bash eliminates one map.
Loser of pistol bash chooses one map.
Winner of pistol bash chooses one map.
Map remaining will be the decider map (if needed).
Each team chooses the side on opponents map, on the final map sides are decided by additional round of pistol bash.
First who wins two (2) maps is the match winner.

If you still haven't managed to hear from your opponent 10 minutes after the scheduled time of a match, you will need to dispute a match with a valid evidences of a noshow. Report a noshow win by posting a clear comment on the match discussion (Public/Private) and post evidence that your team was ready to play.

After a match has finished, a team needs to provide a screenshot of the map scoreboard in order to score be accepted from side of an admin.

If neither team entered the score 24h after the scheduled time, or claimed a noshow win, the match will be treated as it wasn't even played. In this case admin will use wildcard of both teams and reschedule the match accordingly. If one team already spend both wildcards other team will automatically get a noshow win.

If a player is caught cheating, the entire team will be removed from the cup. If we catch a player with illegal binds, the team will get a forfeit and a yellow card.

In game, the side isn't considered ready to play the match unless it has five (5) players. Teams may play their matches any day untill the scheduled date and time - that is the last chance for them to play. However, if both teams agree, these matches can be rescheduled into the next week as long as they don't overlap with the next round.

CGTV members reserve the right to join a match at any time for streaming purposes.

We can change the rules at any time, when we do change the rules, all teams will be notified. If there is a situation that is not explained in the rules, it will be handled by the cod2 admins.
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