Black Squad League Season 1 (LIVE)
Admins: Xink
The Ladder time is: 23/3/18 - 3:22pm
This league is set to the sports mode scoring setting, each win will give you 3 points and each draw will give you 1 point.
League duration
October 1st - October 29th

League format
- Best of 3
- Round Robin (Groups)
- Top teams from each group will advance to Finals Bracket (Double Elimination)

Scheduling Matches
- Each week matches will be Setup by Admins each Sunday at 12pm CST
- Each week matches must be complete by the following Sunday at 11:59pm CST
- Once match is assigned teams will coordinate scheduling a match time during the week through our system once the match is created

Map Pool
Brooklyn, Checkpoint, Collection, Double Wing, Dust Shield, Outpost, Paper Company

Set Maps will be chosen each week by Admins
(Will announce week 1 maps October 24th)

Entry fee
€15 per Team

Pay here
Once team is paid we will move your team from the waiting list

All rules are guidelines for CG Admins, we reserve the right to make decisions as we see fit.

Ladder Time: 3:22pm, Friday 23rd MarchWaiting Pool
Rank Team Name & Match Details Status
0 1stCav
Needs 4 player(s).
0 belowzero
Premium subscriptions required.
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