Black Squad Open Ladder (Free) (LIVE)
Admins: Xink
Ladder unlocked 4:51am 10/9/17 by Xink.
The Ladder time is: 21/3/18 - 8:06am
This ladder is set to SUPER TURBO Mode, teams have less time to accept challenges and are able to offer dates very close into the future, there is no protected/vulnerable statuses.View ladder settings
Match Punctuality
- If a team fails to show within 15 minutes of the match time listed on the match page or cannot play, the opposing team may claim a forfeit win. Screenshots as proof must be provided, clearly showing the time.
- Teams must play using a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 5. If at any point a team drops below this minimum number of players, the opposing team may claim a forfeit win after 10 minutes has passed.
- Should a team fail to verify they are ready within 10 minutes during a map change, the opposing team may leave immediately and claim a forfeit win.
- If a match goes beyond what is a reasonable allocated time both teams are subject to forfeit at administrator discretion.

MOSS is required for this tournament: Download here
1. Run Moss through Administrator
2. Set Parameters under File to Black Squad
3. Make sure to Start/Stop under Capture before starting and exiting game
4. Upon dispute, player(s) must upload the Compressed file found in the MOSS folder to CG using the Upload Demo button found on the match page.
Note: If you are getting Black Screens with MOSS you must record. No excuses, please test MOSS before participating in this tournament.

Disputing a Team
- MOSS is not required to be uploaded unless your being disputed
- If you believe a player(s) on the opposing team may be cheating, ALL players will be required to upload their MOSS files (or demos). Your dispute must be filed BEFORE these files are uploaded.
- After this point we will go over all submitted files/processes and will make a decision based on the evidence presented and the official rules

Map Pool
Brooklyn, Carrier, Checkpoint, Collection, Double Wing, Dust Shield, Outpost, Paper Company

Game Settings
- Rounds limit: 8
- Team size: 5
- Round time: 2 min 30 sec
- Gamemode: Demolition
- Team balance: On
- Third-Person Perspective: Off
- All matches will be played in European Servers
- Knife round to decide sides

Weapons / Equipment
- All weapons are currently allowed except shotguns
- Only one sniper per team is allowed
- Only one light machine gun per team is allowed
- Only one smg allowed per team is allowed
- All equipment is currently allowed.

- Best of 1
- Challenging Team will offer 2 maps and various match times
- Defending Team will choose from one of the two maps offered and which time works best for them. Teams also can reschedule or counter offer time if necessary.

All Players must verify Steam Account here

Support Discord:
Ladder Time: 8:06am, Wednesday 21st MarchOpen
Rank Team Name & Match Details Status
1 RushToHead (0 player points)
Free to challenge or be challenged.
2 TimeHome (0 player points)
Free to challenge or be challenged.
3 MARYJOA (0 player points)
Free to challenge or be challenged.
4 BalkanBots (0 player points)
Free to challenge or be challenged.
5 Excluded (0 player points)
Free to challenge or be challenged.
0 .SpanishFury. (0 player points)
Needs 3 player(s).
0 Abstruse E-Sports (0 player points)
Needs 4 player(s).
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