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Match Details
Match ID: 726088
Match Status: Completed
Competition: CoD4 Main Ladder
Match Time: 4/9/16 - Sunday 8:45PM CEST More
Played: 559 days, 3 hours, 31 min ago
Min Notice: 10 Minutes
Challenge Created: 8:18pm 4/9/16
Sent By: MiHAXZOR<3 at 8:18pm 4/9/16
Accepted By: pawuz<3 at 8:18pm 4/9/16
Game: PC, Call of Duty 4
Challenger: Cavala ti isusovih
Defender: KOALAS
Cavala ti isu... ELO Rating 1400
KOALAS ELO Rating 1400
Cavala ti isusovih
expected outcome
0.5 (.5 = expects a draw, closer to 1 expects a win)
expected outcome
0.5 (.5 = expects draw, closer to 1 expects win)
If Cavala ti isu... wins: They'd go up 32 and KOALAS would go down 32
If KOALAS wins: They'd go up 32 and Cavala ti isusovih would go down 32
Map 1:  mp_backlot

Once a winner is found, the remaining maps do not need to be played.
Map 2: mp_strike
Post Match Results
Cavala ti isu... submitted: MiHAXZOR<3(8:58pm 4/9/16)
Cavala ti isusovih Scored: 25
KOALAS Scored: 6
Post Match
Winner: Cavala ti isusovih
Cavala ti isusovih: 25
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