Ranking: #0
Wins 14
Losses 15
Last Time: -
Rivalry 1 wins
Streak 2
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Ranking: #386
Wins 0
Losses 1
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Rivalry 0 wins
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Match Details
Match ID: 565567
Match Status: Completed
Competition: CoD2 S&D Ladder
Match Time: 24/12/14 - Wednesday 5:45PM CEST More
Played: 1184 days, 16 hours, 14 min ago
Min Notice: 15 Minutes
Challenge Created: 5:09pm 24/12/14
Sent By: kakzSENPAI at 5:09pm 24/12/14
Accepted By: dybala at 5:18pm 24/12/14
Game: PC, Call of Duty 2
Challenger: loud
Defender: victorious secret
loud ELO Rating 1400
victorious se... ELO Rating 1368
expected outcome
0.5 (.5 = expects a draw, closer to 1 expects a win)
victorious secret
expected outcome
0.5 (.5 = expects draw, closer to 1 expects win)
If loud wins: They'd go up 29.1 and victorious secret would go down 29.1
If victorious se... wins: They'd go up 34.9 and loud would go down 34.9
Map 1: mp_toujane
Map 2: mp_burgundy
Post Match Results
loud submitted: dybala(6:24pm 24/12/14) then updated by kakzSENPAI(6:33pm 24/12/14)
loud Scored: 21
victorious secret Scored: 19
victorious se... submitted:
loud Scored: 21
victorious secret Scored: 19
Post Match
Winner: loud
loud: 21
victorious secret: 19
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