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GUID: e1bead9c
Full GUID: 93e77215d85cebddc92a600ae1bead9c
Location: AU Australia, New South Wales - Manly
Alias: rushhh bM:.
CG Username: BoingMan (93%), gosumonkey (7%)
Seen:246 times, 22nd Jun 2007 to 26th Jul 2010
Played:2 Days, 16 Hours
CG Standing:Loading...
CG User:BoingMan
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Aliases Used
rushhh bM:. 16.5h rushhh Perilous:. 16h pent.up Legion 7.5h
pent.up BoingMan 3.5h gOsUmOnKeY 3h pent.up bM 3h
PENT^ boiNgmaN 3h p/ Legion 3h PENT^BoingMan! 2h
RUSHbM! 1h pent.up boingmaN 50m RUSHbMP3! 47m
rushhh steveaoki:. 42m gpxBOX bM [smsh] 40m penthouse.bM! 31m
pent.up boiNgmaN 25m GosuMonkey. 24m gOsuMonkey. 23m
bMmp3 20m LOVE IS ALL<3 12m PENT^bM! 10m
gpxBOX bM*[smsh] 10m bMp3 6m BoingManMP3zzz 5m
rushhh pebbles:. 5m reckless-SpannerB 5m SunShine 5m
BoingMan 5m
Seen in Servers
AU pent.up BITCHES
26.5h AU public
AU CoD2 Server 4
3.5h AU CGo - Schutz Staffel vs AUM
AU CGo - YEAH KING vs Mindplex Gaming
1.5h AU CyberGamer CoD PUG No. 146 - mp_toujane
AU High-Caliber :: CoD2 Private
1.5h AU *{PotW}*AussieServer |SenseTheSpeed.Com
AU - CoD2 Server 3
50m AU clockdoctors.NET | CG Ruleset
AU FragnatiX Gaming
25m AU CGo - Schutz Staffel vs FragnatiX Gaming
AU CoD2 Server 4 - Team rcon
15m AU GameArena COD2 #1 SD Popular Maps
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
8:45am 13/12/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
10:45am 6/12/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Ballarat
9:15am 6/12/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Ballarat
9:45am 1/12/09AUAustralia
12:12pm 24/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Ballarat
11:45am 17/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
12:00pm 15/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Ballarat
10:45am 15/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Ballarat
1:06pm 13/9/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Ballarat
1:10pm 15/7/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
2:40pm 8/7/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
3:40pm 28/6/09AUAustralia, Queensland - Brisbane
2:32pm 28/6/09AUAustralia, Queensland - Brisbane
1:47pm 28/6/09AUAustralia, Queensland - Brisbane
2:40pm 21/6/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Manly
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Related IDs
Game Alias GUID / STEAMID Count
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU rushhh bM:. 8464eec6 246
pc cod5 COD: World at War AU BoingMan 53fa8a7a 50
pc cod5 COD: World at War AU iNFAMOUS_ bf08cdc8 5
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