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GUID: 12d742b5
Full GUID: 8760144f81f4c7706110f28612d742b5
Location: AU Australia, Victoria - Melbourne
Alias: haxckZ.
CG Username: tricky (50%), xXjack23Xx (17%), NKSoldier (17%) (1 more)
Seen:95 times, 1st Jul 2007 to 13th Dec 2009
Played:19 Hours 56 Minutes
CG Standing:Loading...
CG User:tricky
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Aliases Used
haxckZ. 11h defyodds 2h PuffinTopJr 1h
DEHR? defyodds 52m defyodds' 48m nismo 30m
resistance.defyodds 30m Slobodon Milosevic 25m samMan! 21m
ddnismo. 20m Nismo 16m lOl 15m
*mortal-nis! 15m resistance.slobodon 10m Nismoz 10m
resistance.defy 10m defyodds. 9m primE_summoneD. 7m
resistance.armadon 5m The last Gook of Hiroshima 5m summoned. 5m
ddsamMan! 5m new 2 cod2 5m cannonfodder 5m
vanished' 5m BOGAN YALL 5m PIG 5m
Seen in Servers
AU public
12h AU GameArena COD2 #1 SD Popular Maps
AU clockdoctors.NET | CG Ruleset
1.5h AU CoD2 Server 4
AU FragnatiX Gaming
50m AU CGo - Schutz Staffel vs FragnatiX Gaming
AU pent.up BITCHES
25m AU CoD2 Server 4 - Team rcon
AU *{PotW}*AussieServer |SenseTheSpeed.Com
10m AU - CoD2 Server 3
AU GameArena COD2 #4 CTF All Maps
10m AU Out of the Ordinary Private
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
11:30am 13/12/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
12:00pm 11/12/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
10:15am 10/12/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
1:45pm 9/12/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
7:45am 4/12/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
8:00am 25/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
2:45pm 23/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
10:15am 19/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
11:15am 15/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
6:45am 15/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
6:45am 14/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
7:00am 8/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
2:00am 8/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
11:00am 4/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
6:45am 3/11/09AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
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pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU defyodds a6ce2a97 986
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU RESTRAiN B1llZY 529a899d 775
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU air dub 15a96e41 655
pc cod5 COD: World at War AU Defyodds e5e246f5 251
pc cod5 COD: World at War AU b1llothy b24f6f69 240
pc cod1 Call of Duty 1 AU audigy.b1llothy a76b6435 100
pc cod1 Call of Duty 1 AU audigy.defyodds 450b538c 45
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU [X]Nis! 481d26ba 35
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU G 25d25277 10