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GUID: 0345d748
Full GUID: 6e034890c448424b763dfb0b0345d748
Location: AU Australia, Victoria - Melbourne
Alias: ~puRE~vert1cAL!
CG Username: Talnoy (97%), blitz (3%)
Seen:257 times, 23rd Jun 2007 to 3rd Aug 2008
Played:1 Day, 23 Hours
CG Standing:Loading...
CG User:Talnoy
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Aliases Used
^5Epic! 3.5h wF/>sophie. 2h ^eVitogaming#limnatOr 2h
PUMPEDim4tion! 2h pG.plonke# 1.5h pG.Vert1cal# 1.5h
Restless.Clanless! 1.5h ~puRE~vert1cAL! 1.5h d1oX 1h
pG.Vert1cal* 1h pun|<* 1h p7`'d1oX? 1h
Restless!Clanless! 1h Trilogy! 58m PUMPEDimation 57m
TraXX 55m PUMPEDplonke*** 53m vert1cal@mp3z 53m
lamo#intersectioN. 52m baii 52m ~puRE~Vert1cAL! 49m
Acid@mp3z 48m EpiC! 48m worldzfin3st/>sophie. 42m
1.10-wF 33m wF/>sophie.[2g] 31m pandA 31m
Th3 Zon3! 30m Ac1dFreestyleR. 25m d9ox. 23m
d1oX''' 20m `Randy-D1ox1d3! 20m sgt^ 1 thor^ 10 18m
iMATION 18m alex. 17m PUNK77 15m
^1WTF 15m focus ftw 15m elitew >> restless* 15m
uniQue`'Pride. 14m plonke 14m techn().FTW! 13m
PUMPEDvert1cal*** 12m ^0El1m1n4t3D. 12m Top Gum (Aus) 11m
RAGeHARDER<3! 11m Bailey 11m Ghoster4Life.Trilogy*? 10m
PUMPEDvert1cal ` 10m pEPSI_ 10m pG.plonke* 10m
C:/intersectioN 10m pumped>epic 10m wF/>vert1cal. 10m
wF/>sally. 10m epic.! 10m AcidFreestyleR. 10m
epic. 10m E P I C F R E E S T Y L E R 10m x5 -> Eliminated! 10m
A C I D F R E E S T Y L E R 10m uniQue' Pride. 10m |t|^Restless.mgc 10m
Epic 10m wes snipes 8m pG.plonke./-/ 7m
^0Dillo^198 7m pG.Vert1cal./ 6m kiss my ass good bye 6m
pro Ghoster. D1ox1d3 5m Unknown Soldier 5m ^0 5m
tr1l()gy! 5m elitew >> restless 5m rTv.Dioxide! 5m
plague 5m Away From Keyboard. [Restless 5m R e s t l e s s. . . 5m
Blitzz! 5m plonkeisaguneyandit 5m cameron! 5m
FracZ[:]PlonKe! 5m .>ScK<.Restless. 5m TOO MUCH COD4 5m
Lolzor 5m [NEW SERVER] 5m rtK+El1m1n4t3D. 5m
lamo#nOva. 5m ^1.:^0X^1:.^0Coop3r 5m <3 shotty 5m
d1oX. 5m kk 5m sore throat. 5m
Terrance&Phillip! 5m d 9 o x z< fps lagg :/ 5m :') 5m
intersectioN[freshkent] 5m # Restless # 5m y2k'd1oX? 5m
Restless! 5m nonsense. 5m el1tew >> R3stl3ss* 5m
Trilogy>.< 5m im a virgin 5m Top Gum 5m
C:Program FilesintersectioN! 5m Could i join bot?? 5m Restless!Recruit Me 5m
d1oX?new_config... 5m Jesse! 5m ploNkeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5m
[zG]Acid! 5m `Acid<~ 5m `Acid/.Fg* 5m
Acid HappY EasteR. 5m wF/>9ggggg. 5m recon.Acid. 5m
I AM KILLING JELLY 5m ^6@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 5m epixz_ 5m
lamb of god .|.. 5m SOPHIE_ 5m tM>vert1c1aL. 5m
warheroes_Acid* 5m pandA''' 5m pandA - new PC 5m
wannabe - pandA 5m dylan* 5m PUNK 2g :D 5m
camoeron...... 5m tM>pandA 5m tM>epic. 5m
VERTDAWG 5m acidnewconfig. 5m PUMPEDplonke* 5m
Cpl^1.Dyl^.6 5m I AM NUB! :( 5m dwm|epic!!! 5m
epic-new comp-not playing it 5m lanO. 5m pG.plonke./ 5m
Bai* 5m ^skillzRESTlESS_ 5m epiC>.> 5m
IMATIONtofu 5m YA MUM =)) 5m 5thavenueepic 5m
Th3 Zon3*!* 5m AcidFreestleR. 5m Lamb Of God .|.. 5m
N1ghtSh1ft3r*** 5m LANOFREESTYLER 5m PUMPEDep1c 5m
PUMPEDep1c * 5m Gabriella Cilmi 5m nonsense''' 5m
Seen in Servers
AU GameArena COD2 #1 SD Popular Maps
25.5h AU GameArena COD2 #3 DM Popular Maps
AU *{PotW}*AussieServer |SenseTheSpeed.Com
3.5h AU public
AU GameArena COD2 #4 CTF All Maps
1.5h AU GameArena COD2 #2 CTF Popular Maps
AU El!te's Rifle's No Camping :: SenseTheSpeed....
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
6:39am 3/8/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
2:09pm 2/8/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
1:49pm 2/8/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
12:35pm 2/8/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
10:40am 1/8/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
6:26am 1/8/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
5:51am 1/8/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
5:01am 1/8/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
7:55am 31/7/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
4:27am 31/7/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
9:38am 30/7/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
9:06am 27/7/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
6:57am 27/7/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
4:08pm 26/7/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
2:16pm 26/7/08AUAustralia, Victoria - Melbourne
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