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What's the prooblemos? - HTTP(S)

Thread started by moOdy_saiyan on Friday, 2:42am December 15th. Views: 602

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ay oy ey...1..2...3...HERE WE GO!

Was finally able to enter the site and now have a chance to tell you a little story about muo brablem...

Started like few hours ago for what reason I cannot tell, that's why am writing this huh? Check what's happening from me SS i did - One the few sites I cannot fully see

So I've searched for a reason that might be causing this annoying problem. The only thing I'm able to write this atm is cause am connected to VPN. Have tried to do Private tab aswell but the problem was the same.

What can be causing this...hmmm, lemme see...The only thing that came to my mind is that is on HTTP log, which is causing problems on every browser that I opened it with - firefox, chrome, opera, edge - none the less, result was the same, MEH! IT wouldn't load the website fully.. All the images would left off, wasn't even able to LOG in aswell as go to SETTINGS. Every HTTPS website works all well, fook what a relief...

Have tried some things and everytime - connection is not secure error - would pop on - annoying cheeky msg... Even when I open the website it says "something in your browser / javascript is causing the issue"... reinstall, clear cache/cookies, disable this, enable this and still went to change my browser config a bit - 'about:config' -
'security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enabled' -> FALSE and still...NOTHING...everytime it's the same..can't load images..Would be nice to use some help here, hehe. Anyone? @myss @head
Posted 2:42am Dec 15th 17
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CTRL+SHIFT+I go to console and send screenshot.

Site is https btw.
Posted 2:56am Dec 15th 17