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was saying that rappelz isn't clean since his old team dodged kiev lan
Posted 5:09pm Mar 9th 17
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Need some info for donate. @myss ?
Posted 5:38pm Mar 9th 17
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All these comments saying the bans are false are beyond pathetic. I can guarantee that 95% of these bans are legit and 100% proven, so please don't even try to talk your way out of it.

We should all thank miss because he spent hours of his own free time after his full time job into this, if we want to see more ban waves like this please get some donations rolling in so he feels motivated to keep on doing this.

We're all responsible ourselves to keep our community clean and at the moment miss is our only warrior updating our anti cheat, so show him some love ppl!

Quote from GoTTiii on the 8th of March 2017
Posted 5:59pm Mar 9th 17
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If you really wanna treat all cases equally. The ban of mason should stand for now, if he cannot provide evidence that the proofs you presented or cgac found are wrong, but then again I want to remind you, that head or other admins always emphasised that people like swalker should serv a few weeks of ban, apologise and appeal and their bans will most likely get lifted. In the case of mason of whom every reasonable mind in the comunity has to be sure he is clean you might argue cheating is worse than flaming and rwb but considering the massiv doubts and questionmakrs regarding his ban you should lift his ban after a couple of weeks at the very least!
Posted 6:01pm Mar 9th 17
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@Hatton How much do you wanna pay?
Posted 6:39pm Mar 9th 17
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I agree i find getting banned for editing tools is overexacurating hes clearly not a cheater the guy was probably unlucky af and just forgot to shut this down while.joining a game , he even provides proof what hes doing with this tool should really reconsider this ban admin frenda
Posted 6:48pm Mar 9th 17
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@ojac i can get m8 what ban for but i dont even used it , i dont hv a pc that hv 250 fps , i dont own gaming mouse, and what they are going to do about those who use gaming mouse software and configure their macro from mouse driver software?
all i can get they are banning just bcz they see the file names if someone hv used it or not.
x-mouse button is not just for fuking macros,,,
Posted 7:18pm Mar 9th 17
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Reputation: players caught with crohack and still unranked nc job hzyyy
Posted 10:38pm Mar 9th 17
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Why @masonn banned
Posted 10:45pm Mar 9th 17
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have autohotkey on pc to bhop in csgo lmao
anyway idc coz i dont playing cod
Posted 12:07am Mar 10th 17
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btw 164 players got banned its probably more players than total number still playing cod:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Posted 12:10am Mar 10th 17
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btw 164 players got banned its probably more players than total number still playing cod:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Quote from impegZ on the 10th of March 2017
Most of them are cod2 players so np
Posted 12:11am Mar 10th 17
sasuke kun
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I did not mentioned the VAC, and also the Origin anticheat software as well, and I am still clean. Why?

Quote from pussyfothermuckers on the 9th of March 2017
VAC is pure dogshit, wtf are you want dude?

Quote from schokk! on the 9th of March 2017
VAC is dogshit, like aimbot #50104, it's bug (c) all cheaters :D

Quote from kebit on the 9th of March 2017

Just to clarify something.

I'm playing CoD1/2 since the release and I personally had 3 pb/ac bans (bugs) in the past.

- I don't remember the first one, it was like aimbot #50***
- The second one was similar to the first one, maybe multihack #50*** this time;
I got banned for my ingame name (ye no joke), if I remember correctly
''AZZLACK s'' and GGC told me afterwards, a name + space + s was a
combination that leaded to a pb ban, curious or (don't try it out but it's fixed
nowadays, I hope) I wasn't the only one, there was a list with like 30-50 players

It turned out that both pb bans were bugs and I got unbanned after 2-3 weeks for each pb ban. GCC realized it after a certain time.

The Last one was in CoD4, some weeks after the release. I had a bad graphic card at this time with less/unstable fps, so I was asking around, what I could do instead of buying a new one. Known german players like Schmendrick (he was using it aswell) and pwna suggest me an tool called Rivatuner, to get more fps while playing CoD4.

It worked a bit kinda, Rivatuner grants me 30-40 fps more ingame. After that I tried to configure various settings from this tool and when I joined a game srv with slightly new settings like less performance w/e, I got banned for aimbot #50104. I wrote a support ticket to the ESL, explained everything and got unbanned soon cuz it was another bug. The AC was ESL Aequitas I guess.

I just want to say, it can ever happen to receive those (fail) bans, even ure not using something illegal like cheats. I mean if ure banned now, wait some weeks and u got unbanned, if u do nothing wrong before. No AC developer is perfect, every AC doesn't work 100%.

I'm not saying that miss made huge mistakes with programming/configurating the CGAC but I can't believe how does it work. It detects (almost) everything on ur pc's when u run CGAC. Protection is important but i don't think that every ban is 100% right here.

For example on mason's case, he just received a ban cuz of 'winject.exe' and it's not even a form of cheats, mostly just some fragmovie related file? (maybe i'm wrong).
I don't know what players like him with a similar case can do right now.

It's up for the developer/supporters, maybe he/they realized to change some CGAC related programming steps or make rarely exceptions from now.
That's my point of view. #hope or #dealwithit
Posted 1:04am Mar 10th 17
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Don't even know why the fuck am I writing this but here it goes. Most of user-mode anti-cheats work this way, our main problem is that we share too much info with offenders. Try hacking and then asking Valve, ESL or ESEA for ban evidences and let me know how that one turns out. But yeah, I won't be discussing basics of anti-cheat development with players who are butt-hurt cause they / their buddies are banned.

Personally making exceptions in community is the dumbest idea I've ever heard. Just cause somebody is known, we should look the other way around and ban only unknown people? Half of the community is constantly talking about some sort of admin corruption, but when its their own / buddies ass on fire, they openly support it and even make arguments for it to happen.

About mason and his case, as an ex-CoD2 admin I feel sorry for him, I even remember couple years ago discussing possibility of him becoming some sort of official CoD2 moviemaker as Peat once was. That's why I gave him permission to post my reply from ticket on forums and people stop bashing him so hard. But shit happens and he shouldn't be treated any differently than other players who used that hacktool in past / will use it in future.

I have several of my ex-teammates on that list as well, they asked me can you unban me, c'mon we played and know each-other for years, I didn't even used it in matches, it left there running by accident, etc. Should I unban them / didn't even need to ban them, just cause they're known to me?
Posted 1:50am Mar 10th 17
pinky shepherd
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ty @myss, rename this thread in CHEATERS TALK SHOW
Posted 2:03am Mar 10th 17