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So as much as I see domi got banned just because he stated the obvious, which everyone else is too scared to say so that they dont end up the same way as he just did now. What domi is trying to say is that cybergamer need some changes. Admins will always be superior to regular players and its hard to win a battle against them, but when ppl are unsatisfied with the "way how you run things" that just means that they'd like to see some changes and by banning them just makes it worse. cause at the end changes lead to improvement.
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So yeah, we were playing against him yesterday and suddenly we couldn't take a single round on Allies on Burg. Then we find out that he was caught by CGAC while logging in on Codehook just before that happened during our war. He logged out of CGAC, but was dumb enough to log into Codehook a couple of seconds before. Apparently, the CGAC log shows him frequently logging out of it during past matches, which means that he was using it continuously.

Even the guys from unexpected, whom he was playing with, then told me that they spoke about it after the war and thought that he hacked.

I guess that his last lan's crap performance was really not a coincidence.

Why am I typing this? Cause people need to know what happened and not believe him playing innocent now, which he surely will.

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I'm the reason why you could not get round on allias side
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yesterday skaffa, today domi, tomorrow is mystery
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yesterday skaffa, today domi, tomorrow is mystery

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tommorow head
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Lets see if i can continue the bantrain

Ur fat @head

[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]pls mister admin dont ban me[/SPOILER]
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Gewoon veel nederlands praten op t forum, dan krijg je vanzelf een ban
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miss had nothing to say, so he decided to ban him :p

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"My suggestion to the Battalion guys would be to make their own fucking league and avoid this cesspool."

If he thinks like that of CG, there's no reason for him to play it or even further use it.
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u dont heff to be mad though, its allowed to have an opinion no matter how provocating it was towards the people putting their full effort in this beloved game of ours, right?

makes it really uncomfortable for people to carry on discussion (knowing you might get banned)
ps. everybody knows domi is stubborn as fuCk q:-DpP banta
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1 ban more or less, nvm community is full of players so nobody will notice
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Wauw, this is beyond ridiculous. As far as I'm aware, a forum is a place for people to discuss and voice their opinion. Exactly what domi was doing. He was worried about misconduct, which is a fair claim when everything is done behind close doors. And the sketchy-ness leading up to Skaffa's ban. All fair and square as far as I'm concerned.

Quite honestly what it felt like reading all the back-and-forth discussion between domi and d3do/miss, was d3do and miss joined the discussion thinking they were on the stand being grilled for their wrongdoing. This was definitely not necessary. Domi was sharing his concerns elaborately and professionally. The professional response from an admin would be to clear up anything that worried the community, as far as they're capable. Instead things seemed extremely heated with d3do claiming he's not a liar, which was not implied necessarily.

What struck me the most about this entire ordeal is the fact that domi argued things that might need fixing in a small community like ours. And the only actual response he got to his concerns was to stop playing here if he didn't like it (can you please handle criticism like an adult?). I don't know what you guys consider professional; but to me, this is about as unprofessional as it gets.

And then to top it all off, one of his concerns was the possibility of 'abuse of power' from the admin team. Which results in the admin team preventing him from voicing his opinion on these forums again.

At first I only considered his train of thought to be interesting, now I'm thinking there's some deep rooted issues within this community.
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I dont even like this guy @domi, But how the fk can u lock a guy for saying what is up ? This just confirms all his previous posts?

This is pretty sad in my eyes wtf?! there is some thing as freedom of speech mate dnno how it works in croatia but in my country you dont get picked up for saying what you think.
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@miss Tomislav Zub?i? crohack owner right?
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I just woke up after carrying @Marciano brawhalla all night. I have 45 forum notifications, most of them are about this topic. I have 8 tickets notifications, most of them are also about this topic...

Now yesterday I had a chat with skaffa before anybody else and its clear he had cheats on his pc, after my chat with skaffa i saw exzz made a topic "skaffa is banned" I locked that topic. You could ask "head why do you close topics like that" well the answer is simple, if we ban a guy, do we need a topic about every single banned person? In those topics people defend the player or they bash on him, both of those things are not relevant to the case at all, if the player wants to appeal, he can write his appeal in a ticket.

Imagine if all the 50 guys that were banned for a macro made their own topic, get their buddies to reply and pick a fight with the people that are against macro use.

I stand behind the statement of "forum is there to discuss things" but some things dont need to be discussed, I dont know why people need to know every detail about a banned player, we never did that so why change? People could say that sometimes change is good and sometimes thats true but its not in this case. If we give out the full CGAC logs, its easier for people to abuse it, its easier for people to avoid bans and its just extra work for admins that could be spend on solving tickets / disputes. If you look at any other anticheat, you will notice that they never give out details why a person is banned, some give out the name of the hack but thats it.

If dedo plays with a player that is linked to multiple accounts that are banned for cheats he will get banned and as he mentioned before, he knows the risks and im sure he wont complain if he gets caught.

So if people want something to change, feel free to suggest something, we are always open to suggestions but asking for extra CGAC logs is just not needed. We have a 17 point list with all sorts of improvements, most of them cant be done by use and they require some coding to be done. If you have a complaint, nobody will ban you for it but please try to see it from our POV aswell.

You made an anticheat. That's great. You update it to scare people away from cheating. Awesome. So why wouldn't you want a little bit more transparency, and provide (even the smallest bit of) evidence to prevent situations like this from arising?

Quote from domi

[Reason: Caught by CGAC] (12 months)

[Reason: Tempering with the CGAC process] (12 months)

[Reason: macro / autoclicker ] (3 months)

There are just some of the standard things from our droplist that we select when we ban a player. These are the same things we used on CB.
Posted 4:44pm Feb 3rd 16