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My premium looks so nice #rawr #deserved #premium #cg #nightcup #win

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eeee batman 11
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this qzk guy is seriously lowering the average IQ in this forum, thought it couldnt get any lower but i guess leave it to polaki to prove you wrong
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i see ur point but this is complete bullshit. and i love when some dude whos representing in this case cg is like you know dude just gtfo we dont care xD

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I don't understand how can be ppl so dumb.

If you wanted to ban people on CB u 1st needed access to game violations MBI where you could see guid with IP attached to it and then you could also checked how many persons did use that exact guid and then you compared IPs and guids with other accounts which were registered on CB. Like head said they weren't always ban players who had been playing with banned guid because there just wasn't IP connected to each other and was completly different person with same guid but u could get a forfeit - win anyway so dunno where is the problem, just claim your win and be quiet.

Here you have image how it looked like on game violations. IPs on which server they attended are on the right side, second bar is players IP, on left side u got all names they used with spacific guid and also when they played and status of exact guid if it is banned or clean.

after that you needed to compare guids and IPs and search for accounts and bans, make screenshots and post into dispute. u had on left side of screenshot FIND buttons where you could compare players guid and names which u found in GC MBI

And after all this check u put screenshot to a match conflict / dispute and admin will check server log of this server on exact date and hour and he will see if that player really did ban that cd key.

after all that stuff if all provided evidence are correct and connect to each other you can ban player and not before.
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Please don't try to explain, ive wasted almost an hour explaining that we can only ban if the person actually banned the key. Sometimes people don't want to understand xD
Posted 12:29pm Jan 13th 15