Every time I load up CoD4...

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i assume you have "read only" cfg.
remove your cfg from directory, run cod4 and wait till new one will be generated..copy following commands from newly generated cfg to your old:
seta sys_configSum "xxxx"
seta sys_configureGHz "xxx"
seta sys_cpuGHz "xxx"
seta sys_cpuMHz "xxx"
seta sys_gpu "xxx"
seta sys_sysMB "xxx"
seta sys_vidMB "xxx"

save it and put back in your profile

Quote from eksor on the 9th of August 2011

THIS, fixed it for me, used to happen to me and a mate of mine told me to change my "seta sys_gpu" because it didn't have the right one listed. Also, make sure the multi-GPU setting is OFF unless you do have CrossFire or SLI.
Posted 4:23am Aug 12th 11
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Still not working for me, am just gonna have to stick with it.
Posted 6:47pm Aug 12th 11