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Is Cybergamer going to be dead for BO4?

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Cybergamer has been the powerhouse of E-sports within OCE for close to a decade. However, I beleive that this website has killed one of the bet followings they had, Call Of Duty. To be fair, the games did not help this, with many people skipping Infinite Warfare and WWII. However, BO4 has just came out and has quite a following. I have comeback to this website expecting some sort of Tournment system that was in place during BO3 and the early stages of IW. And I dont beleive im the only one retuning to this site. However, I have been dissapointed. The current leagues are lack luster, with only 2 of them, both 5v5 and with around 10 teams in each. There are still tournements from WWII that are being put on, even though none have been played in for around half a year. The admin support on BO4 has been quite little. I do acknowledge the time the admins do put in, but at this point, it is the make or break for CG within BO4..
There are a couple of suggestions that I beleive could put cybergamer back into business:
1. BO4 Ruleset
Im sorry admins.. but this is unexcusable.. There are 2 leagues currently open to join, both of which the season started.. However, there is no ruleset when you click the rules link. This is abysmal.. How do you expect people to play without a ruleset? I expect one is currently in the works, and ill give benefit of the doubt that the CWL ruleset only just came out a couple of days ago..
2. Free Tournements with No Prizepool
This is a huge one for me, as I came to the website due to its free-to-play nature of 2v2 Tournaments. From what I have seen, there has been tournaments put on for WWII and IW, but they seem to only be active for a fraction of what they were in BO3. I beleive this is the games fault itself, and not CG. However, it would be nice to have some 2v2 SnD, 3v3 SND, 5v5 SnD and 5v5 Obj F2P tournements. People much rather want to compete in a tournement rather then in a league itself. These tournements dont need to have any prizepool, or if there is, maybe a premium subscription for a couple of days / week depending on the # of competition. People who play in the tournments regularly will want to join the leagues. This would get more teams in the league, which would only impove the league. A special league ight be put in place, wehere only tournemnt winners can be placed, giving even more incentive to join the tournements.
3. More Admin Support
This has been an issue for however long i have used this site, that the admins are not present during late night matches to sort out disputes. This could be solved by having users that a active most of the time, that are trustworthy enough to allow to have some sort of admin powers. If they do not do there job justly, their powers can be revoked. These people do not need to be paid.
4 . PUG System
Im gonna be honest.. I never used the PUG system in BO3 or MWR. However, I beleive with the new format within the BO4 game itself, now being 5v5, that the PUG's would be used more oftennow, as they were usually 5v5 anyway. It would also allow people that are looking for teamates to use this system.
5. LFT within the Current Leagues
There is no way of letting other people know that you are LFT other then the current forums. It would be easier for both the admins ans the players to just have a cnetral hub in the league itself that allowed for discussion such as LFT.

Im sorry if I came across throughout this as triggered, or unthankful to the admins.. but I would like this website to comeback to its former COD glory... and this is the best opportunity there is going to be for a while. Would appriciate other peoples responses..

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I guess your'e right!
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COD became dead after Black ops 2 and a ghosts. The pug system helped the community thrive immensely, but this was mainly on console. I would even go further to say the layout of the site helped as well.
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