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CoD2 crashes when loading map

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I've recently installed CoD2 on my laptop by copy-pasting the entire Activision folder. Everything seems to be working fine up to the point of actually joining a server. The game keeps crashing with the error prompt "CoD2_mp.exe has encountered a problem and has stopped working ...". This happens once the loading bar at the bottom has turned completely white, i.e. fully loaded. Since the game does load the proper map this makes me confident it's a PC issue and not server-based.

What I have tried (thanks to exzz'):
- Plug headset in and out
- Run CoD2 as admin

Unfortunately neither of these have helped so far. I'm currently running the game in compatability mode under Windows XP service pack 3.

The laptop I'm using is a Windows Surface Pro with specs:
Intel i7-7760 @ 2.50GHz and built-in Intel Iris Plug Graphics 640 (I know..)

Any ideas?
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maybe if you try running it in different version of compatibility;got win10 and need to change compatibility settings so cod2 runs in compatibility for xp pack 3,this helps when cod doesnt work at all on,i mean you cant run it on win10/8,also helps when you got black screen for like 10 minutes,so it will maybe help with this?but just maybe.
Posted 10:02pm Jan 11th 18
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Try to download cod2mp_s.exe from cybergamer and replace it with your
Posted 10:40pm Jan 11th 18