TLSA Team Preview: OBSCURE

TLSA Team Preview: OBSCURE

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Expected lineup:

Coming back after their first international lan performance (FSL), where they did not manage to pull of any big surprises. However, they have now merged with the best players from team criminal and seem to be playing very well online, regularly challenging top teams in training. They are preparing very seriously and can be expected to put up a fight against anyone at TLSA.

Players to watch out for:
[IMG][/IMG]blavex - their scope and arguably best player, blavex has been dropping 30-bombs online regularly and has hence been the subject of discussion in the community. However, his performance at FSL was pretty solid and he will definitely be out there to prove himself at TLSA even more. Expect him to carry most games.
[IMG][/IMG]stck - a good rifler who sometimes hits insane unzoomed shots with the KAR, he will look to support blavex in frag counts, can hold his own skill-wise with most, good aim and reaction.

serious preparation, should be stronger lineup than at FLS with the new additions, online momentum

nothing to show for at CoD2 lan majors yet, some players seem to be better than others, disappointing FLS performance

OBSCURE are capable of putting up some real fights against the very top teams online, however how will that translate to TLSA? They have merged with another lineup to give themselves a better chance presumably, but they still have to prove that they can perform at a lan and take down some of the big guns. Will they break through the groups and then cause trouble in the playoffs? The former very likely yes, the later is a doubt.

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crz easy 50 frags / side

btw you missed the flag next to blavex's name at the beginning of the post
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crz easy 50 frags / side

btw you missed the flag next to blavex's name at the beginning of the post

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