TLSA Team Preview: CSiJ

TLSA Team Preview: CSiJ

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Expected lineup:
[IMG][/IMG]paty shepard

A regular presence on the Hungarian CoD2 scene, however a first appearance under the CSiJ name on the international stage. The lineup consists from players from the FSL lan Foes team and the long-time top Hungarian unit of ESPORTS-ONLINE. Individually, these are all players with extensive lan experience both at ICL lan, but also internationally.

Players to watch out for:
[IMG][/IMG]Distin - a long-term leader of ESPORTS-ONLINE and a very solid player at all the lans, which he has attended. Able to lock down Burgundy B site on allies like few others, highly skilled with the M1. Expect him to hold his own again anyone at this event.
[IMG][/IMG]paty shepard - another known name in the CoD2 community and a very experience and skilled player, who mostly does his damage with the scope. Some have accused him of cheating online, however he has proved himself repeatedly at many big CoD2 events, so expect him to continue with strong performances at TLSA, too.

individual lan experience, regular play online, not regarded as a contender - can surprise

a merge of two separate teams, no top placements at international lans, unconvincing performance at the latest ICL lan

CSiJ could be one of the dark horses of this tournament, if they start off well and build some momentum. Some of the teams might underestimate them, as they are not a very known name, however that would be a mistake as these guys are definitely able to pull off upsets even against some of the top teams. They are a bit of a mystery at this moment, however look for them to make it out of the groups most likely and put up some big fights in the playoffs, too.

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