TLSA Team Preview: Wonderful5

TLSA Team Preview: Wonderful5

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Expected lineup:

The top Hungarian team at the past few events, consisting of some of the old-school legends of this game, coming back, perhaps stronger than ever. While some might think that they will be weaker with this updated lineup, due to them missing skz, the top performer from a few previous events, it is safe to say that it should not be the case, considering that the two new additions are high class players, lan-proven over the years, both capable of carrying their team when needed. Those two are KRADZZjE and Norby, who will definitely not be a downgrade from the departing skz/dency duo, on the contrary.

Players to watch out for:
Stormy - a legend of both CoD2 and CoD4 and very much one of the most consistent players in the game today. While he can also play with the scope, expect him to wreak havoc with the M1 and be the backbone of this team. Also, one of the most experienced lan players in CoD in general.
KRADDZjE - Expect him to take over sniping for W5 and pull off some crazy unscoped shots, which he is known for. While he is the new addition, it is important to say that he played for W5 many years ago, so he is actually one of the originals of his lineup, so fitting in should not be a problem.

huge lan experience, a lot of confidence, no weak link

potential issues due to lineup changes, only train before lans - no continuous play, too much expectation

Definitely a contender for top spots and a very different team at lan versus online, expect W5 to be one of the teams to beat at this event. A real Anyád among Hungarian teams who will be out to prove themselves and answer some opinions that their past success was mainly the work of skz on the scope. All of their players have the ability to step up in different moments, so there is a lot of quality to work with, which makes them very dangerous. Will SUPERKIDS get their rematch versus them after FSL and try to reclaim the position of the top Hungarian team? Should be interesting.

final four
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best shotgun is back, cu rushing
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