12 Slot Game Server for 5€ / Month

12 Slot Game Server for 5€ / Month

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Hey guys,

I rent a decent root server from g-portal and can offer servers for cod4 and cod2 with all the latest maps and modes required to play on CG, Public servers are also an option.

Service provided:

- 12 slot game server (if you wish you can have a pub server as well)
- Individual rcon password
- Access to server logs on request
- FTP file upload on request (maps, mods, whatever)
- Support for the servers asap, I can't guarantee support within 24h but I will always help asap

As there is the possibility you have a bad routing to one of the IP ranges, you can chose from the following 3 IP's: (default)

You can open your command prompt and do a "tracert IP" to see if your routing to the server is good.

Payment details:

Teams who want a server can send the money as gift to Tony_Gottstein@gmx.de
Please write a comment with "Server Rental Username" and use your current CG user name and you will get the server details via PM. You can also already send me a PM with the desired server name and server pw + rcon pw.
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