How to register CoD1 GUID

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Q: What is CoD1 GUID and why do I need to register it here?
CoD1 GUID is the thing that links your in-game alias with your CyberGamer account. This topic explains how you can register it to your account.

Step 1:
Connect to some original CoD1 server

Step 2:
When connected to the server, enter /pb_mylist into the console. Take in mind that it's important that you are actually connected to server, otherwise you will get wrong GUID. After you enter the mentioned command, you will get your full 32 digit GUID in console. Write it down somewhere, preferably take a screenshot.

Step 3:
Go to your CyberGamer profile -> Edit Profile -> Profile, Games & Forums -> Game IDs -> CoD! GUID. Fill in your 32 digit GUID in the matching box and you're done!

You can find your GUID on extended page of your profile under "GAME IDS" section.

Q: How to change my CoD1 GUID?
Once you entered your GUID, the only way to change it is to open a support ticket and follow admin instructions.
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