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We are looking for teams for multigaming (Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source, Call of Duty series - CoD2 and CoD4 team is full , Battlefield, Starcraft II, Heroes of Newerth, Quake, Unreal Tournament, FIFA, Racing, World of Warcraft etc.). Prefer good, serious, top ranked and at all lan-able teams. And aswell we need people for TV or radio section too. They will play game series or music for people.

As an introduction I will present you team on short. We are FRAG8 Multigaming: Play With Passion which come from Slovenia. For now we playing three games. This games are called Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4 and League of Legends. We have website which has been created by Miha "JOKS1" Srajner.

FRAG8 Multigaming: Play With Passion main website:

FRAG8 Multigaming: Play With Passion ClanBase site:

Now I will present you team detailed. On 18 October 2009 were Miha "JOKS1" Srajner, Blaz "obione" Pusnik and Bostjan "kathHHH" Hirtl decided to create one team. They know each other from the elementary school. Team was called Dignation Gaming . Main leader of the team was Miha "JOKS1" Srajner. Next two players which has JOKS1 found was Aljaz "tajmL" Casl and Klemen "AJPHIII" Apacnik. Both players are from Slovenia. Firstable they started playing game Call of Duty 2 on ClanBase ladders. They were on three LAN events. Results were very good. Two times they were rank one and one time rank two. Then the team captain JOKS1 said that maybe we can start playing Call of Duty 4 game. In 3 August 2011 team was renamed. They renamed it in FRAG8 Gaming . Three months later they got e-mail which has been written by Zan "Mikeez" Javornik. He said that FRAG8 Gaming maybe need Call of Duty 2 team. So four days after this e-mail FRAG8 Multigaming: Play With Passion was formed. They got two new teams. This two teams were Call of Duty 2 and League of Legends team. Now the team consists three games. On 23 December 2011 the team got two new members. One member is Tadej "st1FFFy" Martincic which is in "Management" and other one is Mario "FABOLOUS" Javornik which is in "Movie Crew" section. FRAG8 Multigaming: Play With Passion at the moment have three sponsors. This sponsors are called "Sennheiser" , "EKSPERTiZA" and "rodocomp" . At the moment the team consists following members/players:


[img][/img] Tadej "st1FFFy" Martincic (manager)

Movie crew:

[img][/img] Mario "FABOLOUS" Javornik (movie maker)

Call of Duty 2:

[img][/img] Zan "Mikeez" Javornik (team captain),
[img][/img] Nejc "Sk1LL (:" Pongrac (player),
[img][/img] Alen "rookie" Kos (player),
[img][/img] Tine "ENIt" Malnar (player),
[img][/img] Nenad "dwayneee" Rogic (player).

Call of Duty 4:

[img][/img] Miha "JOKS1" Srajner (team captain),
[img][/img] Blaz "obione" Pusnik (player),
[img][/img] Aljaz "tajmL" Casl (player),
[img][/img] Bostjan "kathHHH" Hirtl (player),
[img][/img] Klemen "AJPHIII" Apacnik (player).

League of Legends:

[img][/img] Jan "thndrzje" Strgar (team captain),
[img][/img] Nejc "oinkoink" Capelnik (player),
[img][/img] Jure "bli7z" Anas (player),
[img][/img] Matic "eleo" Bizjak (player),
[img][/img] Uros "brunZee" (player).

This is all about FRAG8 Multigaming: Play With Passion . So we are looking for good, serious, top ranked and at all lan-able teams. All teams/members were gonna have same benefits like other teams/members in team. Good offers from sponsors (online) and on LAN events (offline) team will get material support. FRAG8 Multigaming: Play With Passion think that we can be good together and be known all around the world. Together we can win great prizes and excellent results. Our goal is to further develop our reputation as one of the and most professional gaming teams in the world. In our gaming teams is maintaining high standards. We really need these teams in this multigaming. If you have any questions look at contact form.

Best regards,
FRAG8 Multigaming: Play With Passion


E-mail Support:
X-fire: javornic

5.8 years ago

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