Introducing Infuse Design!

Introducing Infuse Design!

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Hi guys!

I'm posting up here to announce a project that I've started with a friend of mine. As most of you know I do graphics design and I've teamed up with a developer to make Infuse Design - a web design and development team. We've been working behind the scenes - as some of you may have seen - supporting the development of the community by doing great package deals for gaming related websites (and also non-gaming related!).

Our portfolio, which can be seen here: Infuse Design Portfolio, consists of such teams and organizations as:

Team Uprising:
Mindfreak: (Will be up in the next week or so!)

Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Parallel Gaming's Damien "Omen" Meddings: Well, from the start of the design process to the finished product Infuse Design have all your bases covered. I do recommend Infuse Design from graphics to full coding of your website. Any problems at all they come back with a smile on there face with the problem fixed and offering if they can do any more.

Mindfreak eSport's Reagan "RiGZ" Koryozo: Exceptional service and quality. Gaming sites optimized by people who are also gamers. They know what you want and how to give it to you. Couldn't ask for anything more.

SublimePCGear's Nathan "Nateus" Walton: Finding a decent web developer is painful. After searching for over 6 months with nothing but extremely expensive quotes and a lack of understanding, I almost gave up! This was until I was referred to Infuse Design. After a brief meeting with Infuse, I discussed my website plans and they completely understood what I was after. They gave me the best turn around time out of all the companies I spoke to and was almost half the price. I now have a fantastic website, which is so easy to use and my clients love it. I would recommend Infuse to everyone who is looking at developing a new website!

So if you're looking for a new website, or just want a quote, fill out a contact or order form on our site, or you can PM me here.

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I'd say the Sublime site is probably your best work so far.
Posted 2:25pm Aug 10th 11
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Cool looking sites, but I'd personally like to see you go beyond the boundaries of a template, make something unique and new, instead of this limited area.

Also, i think there is missing some atmosphere of some sort on the sublime site. The elements look great, but theres nothing to hold them together and make it one final product so to speak. Having a hard time getting this across, not my first language, feel free to reply if you get what i mean.
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This is really good! :)

Now I know who to contact whenever I need a website design, wo!
Posted 2:33pm Aug 10th 11