Sony Vegas Plugin Help >.<

Sony Vegas Plugin Help >.<

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I've had Sony Vegas 9 for quite some time, Newblue fx and Magic Bullet VFX plugins worked fine and installation was smooth and easy.

Recently I decided to upgrade to Sony Vegas 9.0e however after uninstalling the previous version and installing the new version, the previously stated 3rd Party plugins do not display in my VFX plugin list in Sony Vegas.

Things i have tried(but have continued to have the same problem):
Reinstalling the plugins
Reinstalling the orginal version of sony vegas 9 that worked
Deleted all registry entries that could relate to both sony vegas and the 3rd Party Plugins
Googling the shit out of the issue

I'm asking if anyone has had this issue before or is aware of a fix. My last resort is to reformat but trying to avoid that at this stage >.<
Posted 4:51am Aug 5th 11
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just dont use sv use a other prog USE GOOGLE
Posted 1:38pm Aug 5th 11
the real frenzy
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best is probably to use sv8 as i did
i had many problems with sv9 but when i installed 8 i didnt have problems with anything at all (;
Posted 6:01am Aug 10th 11