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Roccat Kone Pure
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Sound Issue (Distortion, Low quality, Little Volume)
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[GAMING PERIPHERALS] General discussion
Sound setup cod4
Worth the money [File Attached]
Dual monitor need to know.
Bottle Necking
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Broadband Speed
Looking to rebuild my system
CGAC - Bans and Updates!
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Looking to upgrade some things in computer to boost performance. [File Attached]
Need to replace my GFX card + CPU
network card gone? :(
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custom ram heat spreaders
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LF Decent 5.1 Headset
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[REMOVED: Inappropriate Content] Free computer tech discussion board?
FPS drops.
Question about headset
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Which headset?
Recommend me a 23" monitor (second display!) ~ 150 Euros
Anyone good with monitors?
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Best dedi server company?
Mighty Lions! +1 AK
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7850 CF or wait till 9xxx series?
qLuXZ by bombz
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Gamer / Businesslaptop
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Instant messaging [IMs] ,suggestions.
CoD4 250FPS
my gaming System!!
My new build
XML Interface
New Apple iPhone 5 64GB/Samsung Galaxy S3/Blackberry Z10/Blackberry Q10
Plantronics gamecom 780
For Sale: BlackBerry Z10 Dev Alpha --- $900, BlackBerry Q10 --- $800
[POLL] [POLL] Better headphones for gaming
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