Call of Duty 4 Results
CGa: Team Universe vs Quantum-Flow: Hotshotz
CGo: Team FiveFacts vs Team DEMO
CGo: RENEW GAMING LF ORG vs adv Gamers
CGo: Stealth Assassins Group vs Team FiveFacts
CGo: O-Zon3rs eSport vs BLACKLIST
CGo: First Tech vs cave! team
[LOCKED] CGo: PITBULLS vs Syphon Gaming
[LOCKED] CGo: Syphon Gaming vs Protox-Gaming
CGi: Fragmasters.Sapphire vs 1puRe eSports
CGm: Make Me Cooler vs AT Gaming
CGi: eSuba.INTEL vs WinFakt!
CGa: Splendid Gaming vs RAGE Gaming
[LOCKED] CGo: Riders of Avalon.rd vs prestiGe e-Sports.CoD4
CGi: ALSEN Team vs eSuba.INTEL
F-MSi vs LLL
CGo: team-wait? vs finest CoD4
[LOCKED] CGo: IMAO SEEK ORG vs You're not aiming that
[LOCKED] CGo: Syphon Gaming vs ejected gaming
CGo: Mindless vs click click pow
CGo ; Allas Terra Team vs auxilium Gaming
CGo: click click pow vs auxilium gaming
CGo: Revival vs Grow uP Gaming (I put wrong score and they accepted, help!)
CGo: Tactical Gaming Benelux vs mAd Five
CGo: POLIVALKA vs Wolfpack [File Attached]
CGo: Mystique vs Riders of Avalon
[LOCKED] CGo: Riders of Avalon vs ejected gaming
CGo: team sKs vs absolution
CGo: Dotpixels vs SnIIp CRO clan [File Attached]
[LOCKED] CGo: Team Sota vs Exocet-multigaming
[LOCKED] CGo: THI Esports vs Hard-Knocks
CGo: Grow uP Gaming vs #incertidumbre
[REMOVED: Useless and in wrong forum] bored thill dead, any wanna mix?
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