Call of Duty 4 Discussion
Shout out
New Battalion 1944 gameplay video
Winners LF p2p Match
[LAN] OOF5 Tips and recommendations
Illegal bind Banwave
(123 ... 91011)
CG P2P Season 3 Announcement
(123 ... 151617)
OxYyYy want p2p or CGO !
BOTTOM FRAGGRRR search cgo 4 // Sunday 18.00
Stream Twitch ozi. cod4
GUNRUNNERS looking for p2p match 19:00 ??
who make good bust movies ???????
xfire? p2p
[LOCKED] I would highly recommend everybody to avoid matches against maniaX
Hosting CG Nightcups?
[REMOVED: Authors Request] CG nightcups?
[CG PUG Rule Update] CGAC now mandatory !
GRS P2p tonight
pticas thoughts on cgac and screenshots
[LOCKED] Something about DECKS
(123 ... 91011)
NFY F1L1P banned for?
[CG Stream] P2P Season 3 Grand Final GUNRUNNERS.AOC vs WAPANDA
join the server
COD4 Public Pug Servers/MIRC Pug Bot
Falcon search p2p at 18:00 and 19:30
Falcon p2p
5kings lf p2p from 20:00 onwards
Post your gaming setup
Winners +2 SMG's OOF5
Cybergamer Promod Public Server.
lawlessness by admin
Whatsappgroup for Matches!
CoD4 Nations Cup 2016
elkez :))))
[LOCKED] Same situation with mty as with me. What's just going on with the community. Can not even create support tickets
[CG PUG Admins]
Frenchies need a game
srs cod4 pug admin banned
(123 ... 101112)
[VOTE] Outpost on Fire 5 - Expanding to 16 teams
Phase shift
[LOCKED] GJ admin
[LOCKED] CG Admins and rules about bans
[POLL] zLk or zABZRWx- ? [POLL]
Born elite humans prac or cgo
P2P Season 4 Qualifier One Night Cup
(123456) looking for CGo
NFY +2
riqzor sleeping on park bench?
Someone to play 2v2 with me?
P2P Season 3 Feedback | Seaon 4 preparation
[WANTED] Demo Reviewers
Splix hacking? You decide!
2v2 anyone?
YYY p2p matches ;)
Oversensitive people
(123 ... 101112)
EraseME looking for CGo or PCW 20:00 CET
5v5 p2p @ 20:30
COD4 Player Cards 2
PHASE p2p tonight at 8 - 1.2
animate looking for a p2p match 31-1-2017
wxr p2p @ 21:15 tonight.
P2P Mixer rule
Beh p2p tonight
[LOCKED] [CoD4 Rule Update] Weapnext binds
[POLL] [POLL] Allow wepnext in CG?
Shit site
5 v 5 cgo
beh - marky streaming!
Cod4 Nations CUP | UK vs NL
[REMOVED: Inappropriate Content] Cod4 2017 Tournament Sponsored by Vol.5
UA Promodlive servers
Beh p2p 24/1/2017
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