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PC: EU 5v5 Black Squad Weekly Cup
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Prizes: 130 days of premium
PC: EU 5v5 Black Squad Weekly Cup
Time: 7:00pm 30/9/17
Prizes: 60 days of premium
PC: 5v5 Black Squad Variant
Time: 3:00pm 1/10/17
Prizes: 60 days of premium
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[LAN] 1/16 - Outpost On Fire 6 - 28th & 29th...

in PC: Call of Duty by uzuma - Aug 1st 2017

Hey everyone

After a succesful Outpost On Fire edition I will be hosting a 6th (and probably FINAL) edition. The event will also be held in Antwerp.

Paypal (Please remember that you have to send it as a gift!)

Entry Fee - €350 per team (€70 p.p)
Please ensure you're sending it to me as a personal gift and not as a business payment as you will be charged a fee!
With the payment please can you put your Team Name and Players Names attending!
Where is it?
Beggaardenstraat 6
2000, Antwerp


* uzuma
* badkip

* rikk

* Gamershub - Paul Van Der Knaap

ESTIMATED PRIZE POOL (based on 16 teams)

1st €2500
2nd €1250
3rd €750

[IMG][/IMG] 5Kings (uzuma, dltr, hyperion, paska, zabuza)
[IMG][/IMG] EraseME Gaming (FrosteR, decks, synde, pukiz, comedykkk)

[IMG][/IMG] cDe, FoXX, jANYY, bladestar, glady
[IMG][/IMG] Invuctus (ISNO, h1dzr, samuelg, yoyo, junzi)
[IMG][/IMG] Team Phase
[IMG][/IMG] Trouble (pim, marcel, tuben, sam, blbb)
[IMG][/IMG] Wallons (Yaroslav Mani No WAy Lucas OLIVERQUEEN)
[IMG][/IMG] Grandpa (lucas and boar, kingwazz, vador, sup, justBlazeit)

[IMG][/IMG] darl1Ng
[IMG][/IMG] sHeib (ak/scope)
[IMG][/IMG] murky (smg/ak)
[IMG][/IMG] rilax (smg)
[IMG][/IMG] madara (scope)
[IMG][/IMG] sjappii
[IMG][/IMG] jnsu (smg)
[IMG][/IMG] zoopey
[IMG][/IMG] Ptica
[IMG][/IMG] fuckR

Mobile & Menu Changes

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - May 29th 2017

Hello everyone, i've updated the site to be a bit more mobile friendly. This includes the top menu of the site, and the main page content.

There will be a few style issues that i'll be sorting for the rest of the day, if you have any issues that persist beyond today, open a support ticket.


[LAN] TLS Anyád - 17.-19.11.2017 - Munich

in PC: Call of Duty by d3do - May 13th 2017

As this might really be The Last Stand due to Battalion 1944 and Call of Duty WWII coming out shortly after, I have decided to give it one more try and bring to you hopefully the greatest CoD2 lan to end an era.

I am proud to present to you


As promised to my friend Balazs, The Last Stand Anyád, mother of all CoD2 lans, with a crew assembled from the previous esteemed events. ;)

Friday 17.11. (14:00)
Sunday 19.11.
* yes, it's a three-day lan with an afternoon start on Friday

Esport-Club München
Rossinistraße 17
85598 Vaterstetten – Baldham

Cause we STILL can. Kudos to this grit & grind community!

d3do - head admin
gObl - tournament admin & accommodations
facilos - tournament & tech admin
miss - tournament & tech admin
blueangel - tournament & tech admin
Gregor' - tournament admin
dency - sponsorships
& gObl's FSL boys

300€ - deadline 19.10. - only full payments
*through Paypal only to (make sure to send money to friend - not payment for goods or services - and make sure to pay the transaction fees - incomplete payments will not be accepted)

24 minimum, with potential to expand to 32 MAYBE - don't pay late again! ;)

24 teams:
[IMG][/IMG] 2500€, [IMG][/IMG] 500€, [IMG][/IMG] 300€
32 teams:
[IMG][/IMG] 4500€, [IMG][/IMG] 800€, [IMG][/IMG] 400€
*we are looking for more sponsors to add to the prize value.
*prize money will be paid out through Paypal within 1 week after the event.

Number of groups to be established based on final number of teams. Group draw will be done live online 2 weeks prior to the lan.
Groups BO1, playoffs WB BO3, LB BO1 all the way.
Maps: Burgundy, Carentan, Dawnville, Matmata, Toujane
Mod: zPAM v3.0
Maps vetos will be used. Toornament is the app for results.

Definitely, but we have to find a streamer, as rikkz doesn't think that he can make it. We will have some funds for the streamer, get in touch if you have experience and are interested.

- A1 Business Hotel
- Airbnb
* gObl is very kind and will be available to help with accommodation, so get in touch if you will have questions

Paid Teams [1/24]
[IMG][/IMG] Team iNFINITE (benq, d3do, hEFEST, jape, surFF)

Expected Teams [3]
[IMG][/IMG] Wonderful5

Let us know if your team is interested to come and spread the word! Let's do this!

*event is subject to change (including tournament format and all other aspects of it) and cancellation at all times until one week prior to the scheduled date - all registration money will be refunded through Paypal in case of cancellation
*no public requests, suggestions, and polls will be taken into consideration, the announced format is final in its full entirety - can only be changed by the organizers

[LAN] Warpomega Lan - 1st & 2nd of July 2017

in PC: Call of Duty by Lox - Apr 13th 2017


DATE: 1st & 2nd of July 2017
LOCATION: Karlovac, Croatia
TYPE: TUP ( Bring your own Headset, mouse, keyboard and mousepad. )
ENTRY FEE: 200€ per team, can be paid half in advance and half on the event
LAN CREW: djov1, ptica, Lox
BOOTCAMP: It's gonna be possible one day before lan. And the price will be 15€ for 1 hour (per team).
Conditions on lan will be excelent beacuse venue have 10 air conditioners


Email: ,
PM on CG @djov1 , @Lox

12 teams (minimum prizes)
1. 1140 € + hardware + trophy + medals
2. 570 €
3. 190 €

16 teams (minimum prizes)
1. 1620 € + hardware + trophy + medals
2. 810 €
3. 270 €

24 teams (minimum prizes)
1. 2580 € + hardware + trophy + medals
2. 1290 €
3. 430 €

32 teams (minimum prizes)
1. 3840 € + hardware + trophy + medals
2. 1920 €
3. 640 €

*Prizepot can only get bigger depending on the sponsors!!!

We have 40 PC's

- MBO: Supermicro X9SAE
- CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 3,5-3,9GHz
- RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz ECC
- HDD: 1TB Seagate Constellation Server HDD
- VGA: Nvidia GTX680 Jetstream 2GB
- CASE: Supermicro Superchasis 732D2-865B
- POWER: 865W Server power supply
Monitors are 60 hz. (We will maybe get better monitors but dont depend on that, u will be informed on time)

1.[img][/img] Warpomega (djov1, Ptica, Lox, speedy, TF)

2.[img][/img] Sniip (miki,REd,ZEKO<3,ownerzyoda,MaM1c)

We will use CG rules on event, and all scripts will be forbidden.
U will send team .zip to us before lan. (.zip should contain drivers, markc if u use it and configs)
USB's wont be allowed on lan, and demos will be uploaded after lan.

Payment info will be published soon as every other information like how to trave to Karlovac, where to sleep and every other important stuff.


[LAN] OOF5: Groups announcement 26/03 - 19:30

in PC: Call of Duty by uzuma - Mar 23rd 2017

Me and rikkz are going to announce the groups on sunday at 19:30 CET.

After discussing we've decided to add DBEPAINS to the high seeded teamlist.
This means we will have one group with 2 high seeds, 1 mid seed and one low seed.

Make sure you tune in!


Top tier
High tier
Mid tier
Low tier
[IMG][/IMG] 5Kings
[IMG][/IMG] Wapanda
[IMG][/IMG] EraseME Gaming
[IMG][/IMG] Winners
[IMG][/IMG] maniaX
[IMG][/IMG] wAsd.gaming
[IMG][/IMG] Fumar Cagando
[IMG][/IMG] oRks
[IMG][/IMG] ImpulsiF
[IMG][/IMG] MM3k

Call of Duty 2 - Ladder and PUG changes

in PC: Call of Duty by head - Mar 14th 2017

The ladder reset
We decided to reset all ladders, that means that all teams are back to their original 1400 points. This also means that all open matches are closed and all open disputes are cancelled.

Some teams might say that by doing this some cheaters got away or that some teams violate the rules without punishment and they are right. We do hope that those people who "got away" see this as their second chance and improve their behaviour so we can all enjoy the COD2 ladders.

Rule changes
1) Timestamps

Quote from Someone:
Once the requested demos have been uploaded you have 72 hours to provide timestamps. This is a log of the accused player listing specific rounds and times.

When providing timestamps for demos, please provide:
- player link
- demo link
- matchlink
- maximum 8 rounds player player

You can timestamp 8 round player player, anything more than 8 rounds will be ignored. [u][/u]

2) Noshows
Quote from Someone:
If you still haven't managed to get in touch with your opponent 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time of a match, you can claim a noshow win. Report a match noshow by posting a clear comment on the match discussion (Public/Private) and tell why a match should be a noshow. A noshow win will result in a +10/-10 for the winner / loser.
Entering a match cancel is not possible, if both teams fail to enter a score, the match will be cancelled.

Entering a noshow is done as followed:
- Enter a 1 - 0 win for your team
- select the correct "Team XXX did not show to match"

CGAC is mandatory! You can check who is on CGAC by clicking on the PUG page. If you see that a player is not a on CGAC, take a screenshot, post it on the pug page and report them.

You enter the real score, an admin will change the score to a forfeit loss if needed.

Kind regards,
The COD2 crew

CGAC Banwave - March 2017

in PC by myss - Mar 8th 2017

After getting contacted by several players and admins about deteriorating conditions of community here, I decided to come back and take out the trash once again.

Special message goes to all the players that are planning to buy some kind of private cheat in future; consider that there is no such thing as undetected cheat, the same way as there is no such thing as unbypassable anticheat which will catch them all. The way 99% of these private cheat providers work is through misleading advertisement. Their developers all know these things the same way as I do, but the problem is they would not sell their hacks if it says 80% undetected, undetected for DEAD anticheats or simply undetected until some admin goes thoroughly through the logs.

In the end, you will get caught, sooner or later..

[CG] Open Mix Ladder Remodel

in PC: Call of Duty by GoTTi - Feb 1st 2017

Hey folks,

to make the CGo ladder more attractive we'll reset it and make monthly premium prizes as reward for the first ranked team.
Prizes are 5x1 month of premium. The FOUNDER of the team on rank 1 will be able to decide 5 players who will receive the prize. At the beginning of each month we'll reset the ladder.

For those who don't know which ladder this is, you can find it here

The ladder has no player restrictions and a player can be in 3 teams at the same time.

First "season" will start on 1st February.

[LAN] Forgotten Soldiers - CoD2 - TUP - 4th &...

in PC: Call of Duty by rikkz - Dec 7th 2016

After hard work behind the scenes with Martin ''gObl'' Neitzel and still ongoing work, we are ready to start accepting the first payments for the LAN in Munich and also provide you with more detailed information about the LAN itself.

Basic info:
Saturday & Sunday, 4 & 5 March 2017
Both days starting at 9.00 AM
Esport-Club München
Rossinistraße 17
85598 Vaterstetten – Baldham
Entry fee:
€ 250, - per team
Payment deadline:
Maximum 32 teams
Sponsors & Partners
Red Bull

FB event page:

Venue has:
High-End-PC's by MIFcom (40 PCs)
120 Hz Eizo Monitor
Gaming Peripherals from Madcatz
Gaming cinema to view the matches

Check out the venue here


Lan Crew:
Head Admin:
Tournament Referees:

Prizes (at 24 teams):
[img][/img] 1st € 2000 + HW
[img][/img] 2nd € 700 + HW
[img][/img] 3rd € 300 + HW

- 1A Business Hotel
- Airbnb

Tournament info:
Tournament format: Groupstage + Playoffs
Mod: zPAM v2.07
Maps: Toujane, Burgundy, Dawnville, Matmata, Carentan + 1 (TBA)

Preliminary Schedule:

SPOILER: Click to view

Paid Teams (0/32)

Interested Teams (22/32)
team eyeshow (vans, Bl4diii, Mav, gObl, jiNNstr) dtm
Army of Dumbledore (lackyyy, pha1l, LawL1et, mavoR, SOLUX)
Antwerp'addicts (select , raptr , morphYy , nedlog , eulb) Wonderful5
myvizion (syNNNNNN:N, VICTORYMACHINE, supMEH, cAAkzyyy, onizuka777) Etronica 5Kings strong enemy
WarDance (scorp, lukY1, n1tro, rockSTAR, viscera + (fl1ko, brcho))
Ceaseless Six

Let us know if you are interested for the lan! Also if you have any questions regarding the event, please don't hesitate to contact us here via the forum.

[LAN] Brussels 3 TUP - 8th & 9th of April 2017

in PC: Call of Duty by uzuma - Nov 23rd 2016

I've been speaking to some teams lately and the response regarding a new Brussels LAN has been good.
I was thinking about hosting it in march / april.

FINAL PAYMENT DATE; 4th of April - 2017

Paypal (Please remember that Paypal can charge fees!)

Entry Fee - €350 per team (€70 p.p)
Please ensure you're sending it to me as a personal gift and not as a business payment as you will be charged a fee!
With the payment please can you put your Team Name and Players Names attending!

Where is it?

Avenue Porte de Hal, 1
1060 Saint-Gilles

How to get to the venue when arriving at the trainstation:


PC Specifications (80 PCs):
Intel i7 4770 (3.4 Ghz)
12 Gb DDR3 Memory
Nvidia Geforce GTX 770
Windows 8
Benq XL2411T 24" Widescreen 144Hz (65/80)

Tournament Structure:
1) Groups
2) Double elimination knockout (every match will be Bo3)
3) Final Bo5 (the winner from the upperbracket final will have a map advantage)

What to bring?
- Keyboard
- Mouse / Mousepad
- Headset
- Config
- Keycode (If you're planning on playing online)

Contact (Evolve): uzuma, tigzz
STEAM: uzumaaa

- uzuma

- Badkip (Head admin)
- Tiggz

- Rikkz
- GoTTi

ESTIMATED PRIZE POOL (based on 8 teams)

1st €1000
2nd €500
3rd €300


[IMG][/IMG] 5Kings (samuelg, strove, decks, dltr, uzuma)
[IMG][/IMG] Power Gaming (FrosteR, Paradox, King, Toxjee, Luboshmir)
[IMG][/IMG] Gunrunners.AOC (jany, bladestar, glady, neither, cDe)


[IMG][/IMG] YnGbAb (lukay, murky, samuel, midnajt, sukramze, comedykkk)
[IMG][/IMG] Team cze (aladrin, waaky, warking, shagy, failie)
[IMG][/IMG] n2L (mAx, JEYZKAA, SMQKEY, junzi, katana) jeyzka smokey junzi katana
[IMG][/IMG] myD (lala, fabiii, prplz, takki, ks0)
[IMG][/IMG] Template (MG, Wo0, marvin_:D , Jotschy, Dufz/loxxje )
[IMG][/IMG] Team wAsd (jUZE, dealL, petAR, Bzumo, koka)
[IMG][/IMG] WtF interested (CLMK, Kiwi, Gala, Zetla, im0)
[IMG][/IMG] Winners (g I L , ofeKKK +TBA)
[IMG][/IMG] Warpomega (djov1 +4)
[IMG][/IMG] Team Phase (m1cha +4)

Avaible mixers / mercs 12 players
[IMG][/IMG] sheib
[IMG][/IMG] bluez
[IMG][/IMG] dynza
[IMG][/IMG] jnsu
[IMG][/IMG] riqzor
[IMG][/IMG] xndR
[IMG][/IMG] yoyooo
[IMG][/IMG] blbb
[IMG][/IMG] lennzy
[IMG][/IMG] K1mb4l
[IMG][/IMG] prekszi

CoD4 Nations Cup 2016

in PC: Call of Duty by GoTTi - Oct 12th 2016

You asked for it, we listened. We present you the CG Nations Cup 2016.

This is how it's gonna go down:

Every player who wants to be a captain of a Nation, has to create a forum thread, introducing himself, his country and his quality.
Lets make this a fun experience, write a bit about your country, your habits and your favorite stuff to tell about your nation.
Every player can then apply to the Nations team by answering in the forums, please keep this all in English so other countries have the chance to join the discussion.

Click read more for more information

Site Premium service and entry fees changes

in PC by Asterix - Oct 8th 2016

Hello everyone, we are making some major changes to the way CG premium and entry fees work. This is due to our existing model having long been unsustainable and to allow us to offer better services to you.

Going forward, to compete in all of our leagues (CGa, CGd, CGm, CGi, CGp) you will be required to have an active premium subscription throughout the season.

Further to this, players competing in CGm/CGi/CGp will have an additional entry fee at the start of each season of:
CGm - $10 per player.
CGi - $15 per player.
CGp - $15+ per player, this will vary heavily depending on the game and LAN final details.

Click read more for more information.

Ongoing PC PUGs:
View All Featured Upcoming PC Tournament:
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I dont play PUBG
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