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PC: Call of Duty 1 Cup #2
Time: 2:00pm 3/3/18
Prizes: 44 days of premium
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Battalion 1944 WT Ladder & New Forums

in PC by myss - Feb 2nd 2018

Hello everyone,
Following yesterday's launch of B44, we have just opened our first ladder for this game and also expanded the forums.

Ladders - LIVE
Click here to visit Battalion 1944 WT Ladder

Settings are currently largely based on our Call of Duty 2 ladder but are subject to change depending how the game and activity will progress.

That means you can be in four (4) teams max, and have 5 open matches. Please be aware that in order to play the game, you need to verify Steam account. You can do this by going to your profile and under Game IDs section clicking "Verify Steam" button. We've been asked this a lot recently, all players that have matchban from any other games on CyberGamer, are not allowed to compete on Battalion ladders, aswel as in any other competitions here.

Also make sure that you read ladder rules before starting to compete, as not knowing the rules is never a valid excuse for not following them.

We have opened four new forum sections, which means there are six of them in total now:
- Battalion 1944 Discussion
- Battalion 1944 Movies / Clips
- Battalion 1944 Recruiting
- Battalion 1944 Servers
- Battalion 1944 Streams
- Battalion 1944 Tournaments
Please open your forum threads in them accordingly.

In case we see big interest in this game, we will for sure do a lot more tournaments and focus harder on looking for sponsors and partners. As B44 developers have said multiple times, future is bright :)

Admins for B44 are at the moment: head, myss, Drosser, sharyn
If you have any doubt or issue, please open a support ticket, or contact one of admins.

Happy fragging,
EU PC B44 Admin Team

We Welcome Battalion 1944

in PC by Cyanide. - Feb 2nd 2018

With the just released open beta of Battalion 1944 we are excited to announce we will be having full support across all CyberGamer regions ( Aus, NA, EU).

Kicking off on the 14th Feb we will be starting our free to play open ladder for teams to get right into the action with some prize money and also with the support from Bulkhead each region will receive 5 x war chests for the top 10 teams.

Beta Key Giveaway

in PC by Cyanide. - Jan 19th 2018

Hey guys,
We have some beta keys to give away. 5 in total. Read below for more details.

Battalion recaptures the core of classic competitive shooters & refines the 'classic' FPS feel for the next generation. Focusing on 5v5 infantry combat, where precise flick shots with your Kar98, covering fire with your Thompson and fluid movement are key to clutching every round for your team.

CGAC Auth Keys Reset

in PC by myss - Jan 11th 2018

Some of you might've already noticed, some of you not. Today we have changed CGAC auth keys for all users due to some people sending CGAC folder together with config which contained their user ID and auth key in past when updater was not working.

What this means is you will need to re-enter new auth key to CGAC. In order to find it please go to:
Profile -> Profile, Games & Forums -> Game IDs

Sorry for any caused inconvenience, but this had to be done.

If for some abnormal reason in future you need to send CGAC folder to someone, please don't send them yours, rather use this link:

In case that link doesn't work also and your only option is to send someone your CGAC folder, make sure you delete config folder from there before sending it. Otherwise those people will be able to login to your account and will be connected with your PC.

[LAN] CoD4 - Infinity eSport Bar LAN [2018.03...

in PC: Call of Duty by whadez - Dec 19th 2017

[LAN] CoD4 - Infinity eSport Bar LAN [2018.03.09 - 2018.03.11]


Hello Everybody.

A CoD4 LAN has been announced in Hungary, which will be held in 2018, March 9th to 11th. I'm making this thread to motivate teams/players to start playing again, atleast as long as the LAN goes. Hopefully we can gather up to (12) teams. I don't know any more details than what the thread has, but when there's a new information I'll definately update the thread, and inform you guys about them.

[Interested Teams (15)]
TBA (Vanir; deryck; whadez; +2)
TEAM-AMAZING (qweEER; zodiak; pokerzz; VAX; edward)
GUNRUNNERS (jANYY; cDe.; FoXx; blades-; GLady)
Unknown - Gaming (unzbot; pacovipg; trix; mytka; +1)
HYPOTHERMY (Devod, VEXON, HeLot, GohaN#, aAroN)
CONTROL (celezi; mejo; turtle; lohwi; ks3l)
NPNG (paska; HYPERION; supMEH; +2)
Team-Phase (miicha; ks0; faby; grimex; +1)
Seven Nation Army (iwy94; onyx; elisaa; prottaa; lucho)
TBA (masue; granuna; Res1n; sjappi; +1)
/2ockiT (litiak; NADIKA; seveNx; synCC; LsD69[c])
5Kings (uzuma; +4)
Winners (g I L; warking; blbb; +2)

[Paid Teams (0)]

Maximum 18 (optimal gameplay, 3x6 teams/group means 5 wars)

e X i Z

Basic Informations:
Date: 2018.03.09 - 2018.03.11
Venue: Infinity Esport Bar - Német utca 2. , 1084 Budapest , Hungary
Look for photos below.

Map pool: Crash, Strike, Backlot, Citystreets, Crossfire.
Veto system will be used to decide the maps.
We will use Toornament to transact the event.

Entry fee: 35.000.-HUF (~112.-EUR) (Payments will be open from Monday)

    With 18 teams:
  1. 1st place 200.000.-HUF
  2. 2nd place 100.000.-HUF
  3. 3rd place 50.000.-HUF

+ extra HW sponsors will be published in February
*Prize money will be paid out through Paypal within 1 week after the event.
Groups - BO1
Playoff – BO3
Bracket - Double Elimination

Rules: Scripts & Macros are forbidden (Will be updated).
Website: Click here (Under maintenance)
Facebook Page: Click here
Facebook Event: Click here
Date: 09.03.2018 – 11.03.2018 – three-day event

PC Configs:
- 20 x I5, 8GB, GTX 1070 
- 10 x I5, 8GB, GTX 970
- 30 x I5, 8GB, R7870
All 60 monitors are 144Hz, 1ms Gaming Monitors!
Installed operating system: Windows 10 Home HUN/ENG
Please note that we'll only use 30 of these for now, but this might be changed in the future. As you can see, we have bandwith to use more PCs if needed.

Hungarian - Twitch Link #1 :
Czech/English - Twitch Link #2 : ? TBA
Streaming area:
Extra photos of the Bar itself:
12 TVs and 1 Projector for local streaming!

Hope we'll see Non-European teams on the LAN, stay tuned for updates. [sm-fire]


Check the hotels in the area: Click here (Not sure if it's showing in Hungarian or not, let me know)
The cheapest Hotel is offering their rooms for €18/day, but as you can see there are couple of more hotels around for different prices.

Hotel #1: Click here
Hotel #2: Click here
(You can change the language on top of the site)

Update #2 (2017.12.18)
The LAN's website will be open at 2 PM CET.

Update #1 (2017.12.15)
If you would like to start playing on CyberGamer again, please make a vote, and help us succeed.
Changes to the current CoD4 Ladder

Call of Duty 1 [LAN] in Hungary [02.02.2018 -...

in PC: Call of Duty by AGAZZ1 - Dec 18th 2017




We are pleased to announce that we will organize a Call of Duty 1 LAN in the capital city of Hungary in February, 2018. – website is up, registrations are open!

02.02.2018 – 04.02.2018 – three-day event

Infinity Esport Bar - Német utca 2. , 1084 Budapest , Hungary
Look for photos below.

Entry fee:
35.000.-HUF (~112.-EUR)
Payments will be open from Monday.

Teams [3/18]:
- maximum 18 (optimal gameplay, 3x6 teams/group means 5 wars)
[PIMP] choke, R4PTOR, $zOtY!, TBA, TBA
[punk52] AGAZZ1, asthma, boceY, HaM[!], meta, showtime
[GotOwned] Nervvvv, gdmk, ASSE, Kuba, qT*

With 18 teams:
1st place 200.000.-HUF , 2nd place 100.000.-HUF , 3rd place 50.000.-HUF
+ extra HW sponsors will be published in January.
*Prize money will be paid out through Paypal within 1 week after the event.

Groups - BO1
Playoff – BO3
Bracket - Double Elimination

Brecourt, Carentan, Depot, Dawnville, Harbor, Neuville, Powcamp, Railyard, Tigertown
Veto system will be used to decide the maps.
We will use Toornament to transact the event.

PC Configs:
- 20 x I5, 8GB, GTX 1070
- 10 x I5, 8GB, GTX 970
- 30 x I5, 8GB, R7870
All 60 monitors are 144Hz, 1ms Gaming Monitors!
Installed operating system: Windows 10 Home HUN/ENG
Please note that we'll only use 30 of these for now, but this might be changed in the future. As you can see, we have bandwith to use more PCs if needed.

Hungarian - Twitch Link #1 :
Czech/English - Twitch Link #2 : ? TBA
Streaming area:

Extra photos of the Bar itself:
12 TVs and 1 Projector for local streaming!

More info will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

Announcing: CoD2 P2P Winter League 2018

in PC: Call of Duty by vioqor - Dec 13th 2017

CoD2 P2P Winter League 2018

Hey guys,

Since CoD2 is much more fun when there actually is something to play for, Hatton and I decided to host a Pay2Play cup.

Start of the tournament: 8th of January (tournament will finish before Tomorrowlan 2)
Sign up fee: €50 per team
Prizes: The total of the combined sign up fees (so €400 for 8 teams, €600 for 12, €800 for 16 etc.)
Payment deadline: 6th of January
Teams: Minimum amount of 8 teams, max of 32
Team size: 5-8 players
Format: Groups + play-offs, all matches BO3. Exact format will be announced when the amount of teams is confirmed
Map pool: Burgundy, Carentan, Dawnville, Matmata, Toujane
Rule set: CG rules
Admins: vioqor & Hatton

Changes to teams throughout tournament:
-Roster locks at 06/01/18
-You may add 2 subs during groupstage so long as they have not played for another team during the groupstage
-You may add 2 subs during playoffs so long as they have not played for another team during the playoff
-Roster cannot exceed 8 players at any time

Payment options: Paypal and bank transfer (paypal preferred).

Applications: If you want to sign up, inbox me on cg (please don't use the cg chat, send me an actual message to my inbox) with your team name, line up (nicks + pb guids + link to cg account of each player). When all that is approved I will provide you with the payment details.


ARCANE: Hatton, jordan, iconz, vioqor, +1

CGAC - Version 2.2.3 Released!

in PC by myss - Dec 2nd 2017

New version of CGAC is out, I've patched the update problem caused by site transfering to secure socket layer.

Please reinstall the program using new setup which can be downloaded here.


TOMORROWLAN #2 - more than just a game

in PC: Call of Duty by dOLBY - Nov 26th 2017


1st leg will be played here:

Location: Zagreb
pc's: 40-80
number of teams 24-48 !
entry fee: 250e
payment info: WBA- only in private messages
guaranteed and could be bigger
prizepot(32teams): 1st place:3400eur
2nd place:1200eur
3rd place :700eur

date: 03.03-04.03.2018

PC SPECS: 16gb ram, 2x graphic card gtx1060, viewsonic xg2401, monitor 24'' 144hz, +servers 1000/1000mpbs optic cabels, + employed engineers during the whole tournament

system: double elimination, WB BO3, LB BO1 OR BO3(discussion)
maps: standard 5 competetive maps VETO SYSTEM
rules: will be announced but same as on TLAN1 .

INTRESTED TEAMS: 36/48 (pm for confirmation)

'z bregov
rettans got mullet

NEGATIVE(fuckic, luxx2312. mateo, Zacy, GUDELj8)

I dont want to write anything until i see if we have your support, so please leave a comment about one whos surely come or guys who wanna make it happen.

We also need staff people, but we are nonprofit organisation so do not expect anything more than thanks lunch and beers.

Our gaming sponsor, GUARANTEE big discount on HOTEL JARUN ,exclusive and close to gaming arena.

iF we get big support, we will announce date in few days, open payments also, and yes, we will make it offical in one week!

We are also looking for shoutcaster.

for any info pm me, or Luxx2312.

Best regards, your TOMORROWAN CREW!

FaLcoN ~ & facilos | LAN 2017 Germany Stream

in PC: Call of Duty by FaLcoN ~ - Nov 16th 2017

It will be hard for me to talk entire day and I already said that i am not pro shoutcaster :) but since we are all here for some great Cod2 time, i want to give our community some nice memories of this game which we kinda all grown up with and to this day we like to play beetween each other. I understand that there is sometimes ego controling our behavior and sometimes we say something that we are not proud of to each other , including myself of course, but i know that most of us here are respecting each other and like each other otherwise we would not play this game anymore with anyone, but saying that I also know that there are some simply idiotic-minded people who don't even understand what I just said, but they are not focus of our topic here. You already know that I can't come to LAN myself but since I couldn't come I could stream LAN matches for you to have it. Me and our fella facilos will stream 2 matches from each of the groups. Here are our twitch links so you choose which match you like to watch, and give us your support. I will also leave teamspeak address here so anyone who would like to say something to someone for example to f1ashy :) ( I am kidding ), you can join in with me. Teamspeak room will have password so add me on cg to give it to you on cg page. Also this is official thread and I am willing to do the stream but if something changes and if I couldn't stream for some reason I will let you know here. GL to all of you guys at LAN and have a great time in Germany, drive safe and don't drink while driving cuz you can spill some beer xD, kidding, I don't drink myself so I advise others not to do it also ^^. Love you all.

Start time: 17 / 11 / 2017 at 15 : 00 and 18 / 11 / 2017 at 11 : 00.

Twitch Link #1 :

Twitch Link #2 :

Teamspeak address : TS password: bitange, Room Name: TLS LAN

Call of Duty 1 Back to the past LAN [25.11.20...

in PC: Call of Duty by waaKy - Nov 16th 2017

Hello everyone,

EDIT #3 - LAN IS FULL [16/16]

Date: 25.11.2017
Mode: 5vs5 Search and Destroy, all weapons, 1.5 patch, probably mr12 [TBA]
Start: 07:00 AM
End: 10:00 PM
Entry Fee: [120€ / team]
Registrations: OPEN
Prizemoney: TBA
Admins: Bigger, MuRdOc
Streamer: Magnatv


There will be stage for final match.
Also there is a place for commentators.
Lan will be streamed on!

Send registration on which consists of your team name with lineup and account number which the pay will be sent.

PM me for more info if u are interested.





[img][/img] ESGA Mamboh, Radza, lomalex, player4, player5 PAID

[img][/img]CiTRONS MuRdOc, setta, plastiq, diego, waaKy PAID

[img][/img]abstract team teti, ejmr, deli, miki, iluze PAID

[img][/img]Gilmore Girls Sarens, Marty, Eny, George, Chucker PAID

[img][/img]Cyber Globe swe3ty, Mafi, Janus, Txc, hrac5 PAID

[img][/img]Zelený Klub toli_, NighrSt4r, KOudy, Meph!sto, necro PAID

[img][/img]Power of Retro manasek, p!ko_, MAXX, AmbiiiK, Ares, sakYYY, Aresk@ PAID

[img][/img]Darkbrotherhood Jacket, Flinky,maxx_,rpst, Sleip, Akse PAID

[img][/img]VCELÍ MEDVÍDCI Koblich, MESiC, Cofi, Kraja, player5 PAID

[img][/img]dws Caesar, Vaca, Miry, kuzelka, Shegy PAID

[img][/img]matchbox hoglm, necho, mobr, sbt, celeb PAID

[img][/img]El pen decho wenny, smarty, warlukyn, night, player5 PAID

[img][/img]PIMP chokzye, Arma, Benju , R4PTOR, player5 PAID

[img][/img]punk52 agazzi, asthma, boceY, meta, Ham[!]* PAID

[img][/img]Otrocislasti baltiq, casper, bza_, rapid, oxi PAID

[img][/img]GotOwned Nervvvv, ASSE, gdmk, Jar3k, ExtA, Kuba, qT, bujaka PAID


[img][/img]fuXid Park89, d3m0n14c, mira64, michal stránský, jarmila novotná

[img][/img]Apocalypse Kuzelka!, Thoraxxx, Indike, Verso!, sbT_

[img][/img]Single shot killers Dr3ider, zrt, player3, player4, player5

[img][/img]KeXiQy* Nexter, Safe, Srdcar, Yezdec, player5

[img][/img]kolegove warking, roflex, aladrin, fail, voky

[img][/img]BiA kuci, prazmen, mixer, smitec, potkan

[img][/img]4D nitro, lord, hide, inky, fajl_

Windows 10 versions, and mouse behave (tips a...

in PC: Call of Duty by kebit - Oct 27th 2017

So hi guys. I decided to create this thread to gather all fixes, tricks, and tips to solve our biggest problem in the community.

The main reason why our CoD2 and sens acts differently is pretty simple.

Some old or older games like the CoD2 as well activating some kind of Windows Function which forcing all movement to be accelerated by the same amount, or it was doubled.
With this your cursor movement was simply doubled. It was a fix number. Not a variable, tho above XP and W7 this was changed by Microsoft with the "Mouse enchance" thing.
Of course you are able to turn this off in the mouse settings, even on your mouse, but this is a registry value and it does not turn off even you turn it off from the Control Panel.

Everybody know with this if you move 5 centimeter your mouse it could move 5cm or 7cm depends on how fast you move your mouse. With a slow "sweep" your mouse cursor gonna move slower, which means less pixel, but if you move it faster it's gonna move slightly faster which means more pixel.

First, to turn of this thing you are able to use the "MarkC windows mouse fix". This simply redefine the curve by the Enhance pointer acceleration" to a simple line. This means whatever mousepad you will use, the movement is going to be a simple straight line. Not an "upside down" not a sine-cosine function.

So if we have this, we can move to another possible fix which is hiding inside the Nvidia Control Panel. This fix called the "virtually pre rendered frames".
This controls how much going to be buffered from your CPU to your GPU. On lower value (like one) it means your cpu buffers 1 frame and sends it to your gpu and buffers this, and sends it to your display, one at the time. This allows you to play on kinda low latency cause bot of your CPU and GPU buffered only one frame at the same time.
If your CPU isn't good enough to handle such stuff - you'll get very noticeable tearing, because GPU and then display do not recieve enough frames to show.

If set to anything higher than 1(let's say 3) - CPU buffers 3 frames -> sends them to GPU -> GPU buffers those frames -> sends them to display, three at the time.

My opinion is that you should use the "1" value or let your CoD2 to decide the value. I am using "let my 3D settings adjust the value".

This applies to the "maximum pre rendered frames" option too.

If we can move to our CoD2 properties.

Here we are able to run the game in compatibility mode. My CoD2 runs in a default mode, which means I did not tick the XP SP3 mode, or above.

Here, also you are able to tick the "override high dpi scaling" which was previously called "Disable display scaling on high-DPI settings".

The Application setting was previously referred to asIt also forces the process to run in per-monitor DPI awareness mode. Windows will be prompted not to bitmap stretch UI (User Interface) from the exe in question when the DPI changes.

The System setting will bitmap stretch the UI when the DPI changes.

The System (Enhanced) setting is for applications that are GDI-based Windows or Graphics Device Interface (GDI) scaling. It will DPI scale the application on a per-monitor basis. This means that application will definitely become per-monitor DPI aware.

I don't use this settings cause it can literally fuck up your mouse sens in cod2, but feel free to try it out.

If we are already made these settings, we should jump to the Rinput. Last time I talked bout the Rinput which adjust the polling rate. I made a mistake and it doesn't do anything with the polling rate. The program still forces to turn off the mouse acceleration. It inject himself to the program itself to remove the acceleration.

Here a little test about it :

So there are some possible fixes but as last time I mentioned this is all about feeling. I am using the markC mousefix, the Rinput, tho I am not running the game in compatibility mode.

There is a lot of variable, the hard part in this, that you have to test them out for yourself. Do not be a chicken and use different sens, or apply differenct mousefix ratio (100 - 125 - 150 - 200) or simply just don't run the game in compatibility mode.