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CyberGamer Anti-Cheat (CGAC)

We have released a full page documenting our very own anti-cheat. You'll find installation instructions, how to's regarding updating, and a full list of frequently asked questions here.
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Submitted 15h 10m ago. by Bennysimm
Submitted 5:24am 19/9/14. by s a b e r
Submitted 12:21pm 17/9/14. by Heatzio
Submitted 1:56pm 18/9/14. by Desriq
Submitted 11:45am 18/9/14. by xX_Sm0keW33d_Xx
Submitted 2:05pm 16/9/14. by <FiSH><
(CS: GO) almost definitely has a false-viewer bot (~252 extra viewers of 287 total) #barbarrrrr Read more
Submitted 12:48pm 17/9/14. by Bennysimm
Submitted 2:28pm 16/9/14. by zoza
Check out the best night cups on Read more
Submitted 1:54pm 14/9/14. by AV3NG3RS
Submitted 2:36pm 12/9/14. by Powwwerteqq
Submitted 1:19pm 13/9/14. by Dr. Walt
Submitted 9:35am 11/9/14. by FrostyDaawg
Anyone heading there on the Saturday? Read more
Submitted 7:01pm 10/9/14. by -KILLA-
Submitted 4:46pm 12/9/14. by Stoniedude
Submitted 2:45pm 9/9/14. by raitsspeed
Submitted 11:02am 9/9/14. by Unduruz
Submitted 10:54pm 9/9/14. by Bennysimm
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