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CyberGamer Premium

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - May 3rd 2016
CyberGamer Premium Hello everyone, I've added a "weekly premium goal" bar to the right column of the website. This will run from Monday to Sunday each week, hopefully the modest goal can be reached most weeks.

CyberGamer relies on CG premium to meet our server hosting costs. CyberGamer is entirely run by volunteers and relies on CG premium to function. Some people have the opinion that CG makes tons of money and I'm swimming in cash, unfortunately this is not the case and CG does not pay me a wage and I've actually loaned CyberGamer money several times over the years when a payment to us has been delayed.

All money CyberGamer receives from our sponsors and advertisers is 100% spent every month on events, prizes, servers, etc. Premium is the only source of income that has any room to actually be saved and to give us some freedom.


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Tournament and Premium changes

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Sep 19th 2015
Tournament and Premium changes Hello everyone, we've made some major changes to the tournament system and CG Premium.

All users are now able to activate a free 2 week trial of CG Premium at this page:

More free tournaments will now require CG premium to compete, allowing more tournaments to have prize pools. We'll still have some completely "free" tournaments that don't require CG premium, we'll revisit how many in two weeks given that most users will likely activate premium immediately. Users that already have CG premium (thanks!) are able to add on the free 2 weeks to their existing subscription from the premium page.

Click read more for more information.

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CyberGamer homepage changes

in PC, XBOX, PS by Asterix - Apr 29th 2015
CyberGamer homepage changes Hello everyone, we've removed the "CG Wall" from the homepage and replaced it with an expanded news feed, similar to the previous versions of the site.

This is largely due to the wall not being used the way it was intended. The CG Wall was supposed to be the single part of the site that was shared across AU/EU and all of the platforms, unfortunately it doesn't appeared to have worked out. Most of the content is probably better suited to the forums.

No further wall posts will be allowed. For the meantime the existing posts can be found here. Will likely remove the archive entirely in the near future.

Let me know if you encounter any issues,


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Sensuki's Pillars of Eternity Update

in PC, PS3, PS4 by Sensuki - May 12th 2014
Sensuki's Pillars of Eternity Update A summary of recent updates to do with Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian's upcoming isometric PC RPG. Includes partnership with a publisher, art and mechanics updates.


CyberGamer Turns 5!

in PC, XBOX, PS by Asterix - Apr 8th 2012
CyberGamer Turns 5! Today, CyberGamer turns 5! It's been a huge year for the CG.

Click read more below!

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