Founder: GoTTi
Created: 3:28pm 6/2/17
Placed: 3
Premium: 1
Most Recent Match:
TEAM-PHASE vs Nothing2Lose
Has finished 1st-4th in 3 tournaments.
Team Overview
More information coming soon
Team Members
Team MembersGame IDEligibleSubCaptain
Added by: GoTTi DE pc GoTTi (EU Site Admin)YesNoYes
Added by: GoTTi DE pc kaTanaRRRYesNoNo
Added by: GoTTiPL pc DNSEYesNoNo
Added by: GoTTiPL pc KROL POLAYesNoNo
Added by: GoTTiPL pc r!V!AZADOR.YesNoNo
Added by: GoTTiCZ pc neitheRYesYesNo
Match TitleWinnerMatch Time
Nothing2Lose vs GUNRUNNERS.AOC
GUNRUNNERS.AOC: 2-07:58pm 20/2/17
TEAM-PHASE vs Nothing2Lose
Nothing2Lose: 1-07:58pm 12/2/17
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DENIED - Founded May 16th 2017PC - CyberGamer Pay2Play League Call of Duty 4 Season 53/7
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