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Founder: LEjREYYY
Members: 5
Registered: 6/8/11
Location: RU (5)
7:17pm 24/6/14

We are looking for :

· Editor-in-chief

· Writers global (French and/or English)

· Writer Hardware

· Writer eSports

· Marketing director

· Marketing manager (having a lot of experience in this domain)

· Streameurs Pc and Console ( good compulsory connection)

· Commentators PC & Console

· Global Manager

· network Person in charge social

To be able to apply in 1puRe, you have to have 18 years old minimum, credit note of the maturity, be stable, courteous, polite, respect the others, not get big-headed and be present.

I remain at your disposal in

Skype : quentindupuy
xfire : el3ctronz
steam : azertyuiop93220
email :

Thank you for reading and see you soon

7:16pm 24/6/14

Shared a link.

1puRe eSports. 609 likes · 12 talking about this. Association semi-professionel gaming sous la loi 1901 a but non lucratif

7:16pm 24/6/14

Shared a link.
1puRe eSports

1puRe eSport est une multi-gaming semi-professionnelle évoluant sur plusieurs jeux en ligne sur PC et consoles.

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