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Team LineX's Logo
Additional Information
Platform: PC
Competing in:
CoD4 Open Mix Ladder: 155th
Tag: LineX
Recruiting: Yes
Mar 10th 17
Matches Played: 3
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
3 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: Team LineX
Members: 6
Locations: DE (6)
Registered: 10/3/17
Founder: kushy
Online Status: 6 players (100%) have been online in the last 48h.
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
27th Mar tazeEE joined the team
22nd Mar Lost to BAGUET LOVERS loss 16 win 24
22nd Mar Accepted BAGUET LOVERS's Challenge on mp_crash for 9pm 22nd Mar
21st Mar Lost to Team-Phase Pracc loss 13 win 25
21st Mar Accepted Team-Phase Pracc's Challenge on mp_strike for 9:15pm 21st Mar
21st Mar Wo0 joined the team
20th Mar Lost to Morning Star Gaming | htt... loss 10 win 25
20th Mar Accepted Morning Star Gaming | htt...'s Challenge on mp_crossfire for 8:45pm 20th Mar
20th Mar ATTaxX joined the team
About Us

Team LineX is back again!

Round about 3 years it was really quiet around Team LineX. It was even more than this. Some of u maybe have wondered if there could be something
like a comeback or a complete restart of Team LineX. For those who didnt't give up their hope on a comeback of LineX we have amazing news now

Team LineX is back again.

Who does not remember the good old times as the name LineX was known for a large and active community with many own servers, and funny conversations at the Teampeak? We have played countless days and nights nights Servers with and against each other.
There were enough Member for almost every game in our community. But all this suddenly ends.
The name LineX disappeared and therefore also unfortunately large parts of our community. A small part of the management and
the members withdrew completely and the rest of them went to logiX. But with logiX there has never been such a large and familiar community
as we had with Team LineX. As a result of this Team LineX and the majority of the community dissapeared...

Till today!

In the background, some members and admins still kept contact among themselves and so was made from an initial idea pretty fast to a definite plan. After
a few conversations with some old members and admins the idea from the comeback of Team LineX was born. So we formed with the leadership of LineX V!P3R and LineX pTEE and parts of the old members and admins a small group of people who want to resurrect the good old times. The goal of the new Team LineX was determined pretty fast.

A community for everyone

Whether it's playing new games together, old classics, or simply sharing and chatting news or the latest rumors. There is something for everyone.
Whether it is the big names of the gaming area, e.g. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counterstrike and League of Legends,
as well as smaller games that are even less common.
There is certainly something for everyone that suits him. But all this is easier said than done.
In order to achieve this goal, we need and look up for you. A community is
inspired by the ideas, creativity and activity of its members and therefore Team LineX welcomes everyone in his community who shares our passion and joy in the game and the community .With our existing resources, we offer you the chance to play together with your friends on one of our servers, to chat with them at the Teampeak, or just meet new people who share your fun with playing games also.
So become part of Team LineX and its community and actively support us in the
realization of our plan to resurrect Team LineX in old strength.
Team Members
Site Flag Avatar Alias Online Rank Joined
6 players (100%) have been online in the last 48h.
DE ATTaxX (2f490539) Offline Member 20th Mar 2017
DE bo.Om! Offline Captain 10th Mar 2017
DE H1ghQ (7298eff8) Offline Member 10th Mar 2017
DE kushy Offline Founder
10th Mar 2017
DE tazeEE Offline Member 18h 32m ago
DE Wo0 (ec7f7e18) Online Captain 21st Mar 2017
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L F A Map Started Date More
BAGUET LOVERS loss 1624 mp_crash Away 22nd, Mar 17 View
Team-Phase Pracc loss 1325 mp_strike Away 21st, Mar 17 View
Morning Star Gaming | http://... loss 1025 mp_crossfire Away 20th, Mar 17 View
Morning Star Gaming | http://...
Match was cancelled
00 mp_strike Away - View
Morning Star Gaming | http://...
Match was cancelled
Match was declined/cancelled by whadez
00 mp_crash Home - View
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