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Additional Information
Platform: PC
Tag: egoism
Recruiting: Yes
Jan 18th 17
Matches Played: 8
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: egoism
Members: 1
Locations: HR (1)
Registered: 18/1/17
Founder: v1tal-
Online Status:
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
14th Apr Lost to NEVERQUIT [5v5/4v4] loss 13 win 21
14th Apr Accepted NEVERQUIT [5v5/4v4]'s Challenge on mp_toujane for 12:30pm 14th Apr
5th Mar Defeated zer0empathy win 21 loss 14
5th Mar Challenged zer0empathy to a match
12th Feb Lost to r3volution team loss 18 win 21
12th Feb Challenged r3volution team to a match
12th Feb Defeated Animals win 21 loss 13
12th Feb Challenged Animals to a match
8th Feb Lost to epeigonta loss 16 win 21
About Us
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Team Members
Site Flag Alias
HR v1tal-
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
NEVERQUIT [5v5/4v4] loss mp_toujane View
Opponent W/L Map More
/ 5v5
Match was cancelled
mp_toujane View
zer0empathy win 2114 mp_toujane View
Match was cancelled
Match was declined/cancelled by CyberGamer Admin
00 mp_toujane View
mix cod2 4v4-5v5
Match was cancelled
win 2118 mp_toujane View
r3volution team loss 1821 mp_toujane View
Unknown Team
Match was cancelled
Match was declined/cancelled by CyberGamer Admin
mp_dawnville View
Animals win 2113 mp_toujane View
epeigonta loss mp_toujane View
forgotten 4v4 / 5v5 win mp_dawnville View
TEAM FINNEA 2020 mp_toujane View
SPEKNEK loss mp_burgundy View
Match was cancelled
mp_dawnville View
CG Verified Team Status 3/9
Requirement Status
Game is 4v4 or higherNO
Team/Organisation has existed for 6+ monthsNO
Team has played 3 matches in the last 3 months (ensures recent activity)YES
Team has played 5 matches between 4 and 12 months ago (ensures multiple seasons)YES
Mostly consistent player roster for 6 months (demonstrates stability)NO
Majority of players have been online in the last yearNO
Majority of players have verified CG accounts (Email/SteamID etc)NO
Players have no previous forum/site/match bansYES
Miscellaneous checksNO
[GOLD] Performance requirements metNO

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