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Elite Squad 9 (5v5)'s Logo
Additional Information
Platform: PC
Competing in:
CoD4 Open Mix Ladder: 77th
Tag: ES'9/
Recruiting: No
Feb 3rd 16
Matches Played: 0
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: Elite Squad 9 (5v5)
Members: 7
Locations: NO (2) DE (1) AL (1) LB (1) AT (1) PL (1)
Registered: 3/2/16
Founder: Vuko
Online Status: 1 player (14%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
Elite Squad 9 (5v5) has no recent activity.
About Us
No "About Us" available
Team Members
Site Flag Alias
1 player (14%) have been online in the last 3 months.
AT 41ph4
Inactive account
LB ES'9/mahdi
Inactive account
DE ES'9/Masta
Email not verified
NO Moran
Inactive account
AL Pain'
Inactive account
NO Thad
Email not verified
PL Vuko (1630a325)
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Elite Squad 9 (3v3) - Founded February 5th 2016PC - Call of Duty 4 (3v3)3/3
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CyberGamer Premium Monthly Raffle 5 Days Congratulations , our June Winner!
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