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STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:3510433
Location: AU Australia, New South Wales - Wyong
Alias: Natheh.
CG Username: Natheh.
Seen:39 times, 4th Sep 2014 to 2nd Jan 2017
Played:14 Hours 14 Minutes
CG Standing:Loading...
Steam Profile: Natheh.
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Aliases Used
Natheh. 13h Natheh? 31m NFG Natheh. 18m
Natheh . 15m Natheh. new res+sense=yay 5m Natheh. j4f 5m
Seen in Servers
AU 6.5h AU 1.5h
AU 54m AU 52m
AU 44m AU 39m
AU 31m AU CG: New server - ID: 2
AU CyberGamer | Match Server | PES
27m AU 20m
AU 18m AU 10m
AU 10m AU 5m
AU 5m CA CyberGamer | Match Server | PES
AU 5m CA CyberGamer | Match Server | PES
AU 5m AU 5m
AU 5m AU 5m
AU 5m AU 5m
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
3:17am 2/1/17AUAustralia, New South Wales - Agnes Banks
2:59am 2/1/17AUAustralia, New South Wales - Agnes Banks
2:51pm 1/8/16AU (AU), New South Wales - Sydney
12:03pm 26/5/16AU (AU), New South Wales - Stanmore
12:28pm 17/5/16AU (AU), New South Wales - Stanmore
12:42pm 3/5/16AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
1:08pm 19/4/16AUAustralia, New South Wales - Lithgow
12:06pm 12/4/16AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
11:33am 10/3/16AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
11:30am 4/3/16AUAustralia, New South Wales - Kogarah
1:53pm 22/9/15AUAustralia, New South Wales - Albury
1:12pm 17/9/15AUAustralia, New South Wales - Albury
2:11pm 10/9/15AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
1:36pm 3/9/15AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
1:31pm 21/8/15AUAustralia, New South Wales - Port Macquarie
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Related IDs
Game Alias GUID / STEAMID Count
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU fod8u a6ad3b83 30
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU Darkfool a6807be7 10
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