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Name: Tiago 'FNX' Varao
Age/Gender: 22, Male
Location: Portugal, Azores
Registered: 21/7/14
Rank: Member
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Last Online: 57 min ago
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otto- has not competed in any tournaments.
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10:27pm 15/3/17 Joined Underworld Gaming 3v3, a PC: Call of Duty 2 (3v3) team, rank of Captain.
10:06pm 14/3/17 Joined Underworld Gaming, a PC: Call of Duty 2 team, rank of Captain.
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Username: otto-
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Degree(s) / Qualification(s): CS 1.6 ; CoD2
Workplace: ;
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I am the portuguese MVP of CoD2

- golden backup/ (everyone wants me but dont really wants me)

- any weapon (what do you need?)

- info man (accurate calls)

- cover/help man (just scream - I always try to get to you as fast as possible)

- bomb man (always try plant/defuse)

- dont expect me to drop 30 frags in every map (im not fraghunter)

- tactician (tactics maker ; reading enemy)

- rusher/slow pace (depending of my ping, enemy's ping and enemy's weapons)

- easy adaptation to the team that compass displays (reading where team mates are looking at and cover them)

- clutcher (shhh pls I got this)

- stops giving a fuck when loosing too much 3v1/4v1/4v2/5v1/5v2 situations (gg)

- stops giving a fuck when getting rekt by nonamer carrying enemy (since 09 of CoD2 and never saw you anywhere) and/or when the team Im playing for are doing too many noob stuff, why would I give a fuck if they dont?)

- need some kind of objective like: playing vs stronger enemy, needing rounds for close win, leveling up rank, etc (cause playing just "because yes" isnt motivation enough for me already)

- 64-97 ping (depending of server's host)

- sometimes playing high (haxixe; weed)

- worst maps: matmata, stalingrad, brecourt, breakout, caen

- best maps: all the others

Curiosity: If I had pc I would be playing CS:GO, I'm in love with the strategy part of the game.

You're probably thinking that I'm exaggerating but this is my gamestyle, you'll rarelly see me playing top ranks cause I play with portugueses friends most of the time and it's just trashtalking on ts3 and rush with no brain but hey... at least I'm playing lOl.

Feel free to add me as a CG friend for mix or maybe for team(?),
Peace out!

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11/3/17 Viewed 1000 Profiles, final version
6/2/17 Received a trophy.
5/2/17 Upgraded to a CG Premium Account!
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Date Event XP
27/3/17Played Match - GOPROBEHERO TEAM vs haunted20
27/3/17Played Match - Underworld Gaming vs learn2play40
27/3/17Played Match - veLocity vs iNERTIAA40
26/3/17Played Match - Underworld Gaming vs d`VIKINGS20
26/3/17Played Match - Underworld Gaming vs 1nvincibles20
26/3/17Played Match - FC SLAVOJ VYŠEHRAD vs Underworld Gaming20
26/3/17Played Match - Underworld Gaming vs d team20
26/3/17Played Match - Underworld Gaming vs La Maffia Clan20
25/3/17Played Match - Underworld Gaming 3v3 vs N1HILIUM [3v3]40
25/3/17Played Match - hax2max vs 5v520
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Default Game: Call of Duty 2
Default Platform: PC
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pc cod2 Call of Duty 2 Underworld Gaming Captain
pc cod23v3 CoD2 (3v3) Underworld Gaming 3v3 Captain
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mp_harbor - Tuesday 4:46pm March 7th 2017
mp_burgundy - Friday 11:07pm February 24th 2017
mp_toujane - Saturday 5:31pm February 11th 2017
mp_burgundy - Saturday 4:31pm February 11th 2017
mp_burgundy - Friday 7:54pm February 3rd 2017
- Monday 5:32pm January 30th 2017
mp_harbor - Wednesday 6:13pm January 18th 2017
mp_leningrad - Tuesday 6:24pm January 17th 2017
- Sunday 4:58am December 25th 2016
mp_burgundy - Sunday 3:51am December 25th 2016
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CPU: [Intel] Core(TM) i5 CPU 460M @2.53GHz
GPU: [ATi] Mobility Radeon HD 5650
RAM: 4 GBMB Micron Technology
Monitor: 60hz [LCD]
Keyboard: Purchased in a chinese store for 7,99EUR
Head Phones: Kingston HyperX Cloud II
Mouse: [Razer] Deathadder Chroma
DPI: Up to 10000
Mousepad: Ozone GROUNDLEVEL S
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 6
Desktop Resolution: 1366 x 768
In Game Resolution: 1024 x 768