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Name: Bl4diii
Age/Gender: 26, Male
Location: Germany, Hannover
Registered: 27/12/12
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Bl4diii has not competed in any tournaments.
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3:09pm 6/6/17 Joined MAMBO 5, a PC: Call of Duty 2 team, rank of Member.
2:12pm 6/6/17 Joined MAMBO5 3v3, a PC: Call of Duty 2 (3v3) team, rank of Member.
2:36pm 2/5/17 Joined feelsbadman, a PC: Call of Duty 2 (2v2) team, rank of Captain.
1:39pm 21/4/17 Joined .^.' Schildkroeten Crew, a PC: Call of Duty 2 (3v3) team, rank of Captain.
8:40pm 3/4/17 Joined team eyeshow [de] , a PC: Call of Duty 2 team, rank of Captain.
2:51pm 8/12/16 Changed main gamertag, previously: [eyeshow]
4:25pm 1/9/16 Joined AWESOME! , a PC: Call of Duty 2 team, rank of Captain.
3:13pm 30/9/15 Joined Bl4diii and cake [ Joueurs professionnels #Kappa ], a PC: Call of Duty 2 (2v2) team, rank of Captain.
2:52pm 1/9/15 Joined Bl4diii, a PC: Call of Duty 2 Community (1v1) team, rank of Captain.
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Username: Bl4diii
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[LAN] Forgotten Soldiers - CoD2 - 4th & 5th of March 2017

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15/2/17 Has purchased 18 months of CG Premium!
1/2/17 Win 50 PUGs.
26/1/17 Win 25 PUGs.
8/1/17 Win 10 PUGs.
23/12/16 Win 5 PUGs.
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2/5/14 In a team that was on a winning streak of 3
20/6/13 In an active team
Experience History
Date Event XP
25/6/17Played Match - MAMBO5 3v3 vs mkd40
24/6/17Played Match - nerdcore vs AWESOME!40
24/6/17Played Match - AWESOME! vs MIXERSKINGS40
24/6/17Played Match - feelsbadman vs SuperStar$40
23/6/17Played Match - BLOODTHIRSTERS vs AWESOME!20
23/6/17Played Match - AWESOME! vs nerdcore20
23/6/17Played Match - DISTRICT THIRTEENTH vs AWESOME!20
23/6/17Played Match - AWESOME! vs DISTRICT THIRTEENTH20
23/6/17Played Match - feelsbadman vs RAANAARA 2/240
23/6/17Played Match - AWESOME! vs teamlegacy [old hateless]40
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Forum moderator: [EU] team eyeshow [de] - team eyeshow [de]'s Organisation...
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Default Game: Call of Duty 2
Default Platform: PC
CG Premium monthly final entry tickets: 5
EU PC Teams
pc cod23v3 CoD2 (3v3) team eyeshow 3on3 [de] Captain
pc cod21v1 CoD2 Community (1v1) Bl4diii Captain
pc cod2 Call of Duty 2 AWESOME! Captain
pc cod2 Call of Duty 2 team eyeshow [de] Captain
pc cod23v3 CoD2 (3v3) .^.' Schildkroeten Crew Captain
pc cod22v2 CoD2 (2v2) feelsbadman Captain
pc cod23v3 CoD2 (3v3) MAMBO5 3v3 Member
pc cod2 Call of Duty 2 MAMBO 5 Member
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Tournament Teams
6:05pm 17/4/16
Call of Duty 2 Nightcup 3#
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mp_toujane - Wednesday 3:15pm February 22nd 2017
mp_toujane - Wednesday 2:15pm February 22nd 2017
mp_toujane - Thursday 3:50pm February 16th 2017
mp_burgundy - Wednesday 2:16pm February 15th 2017
mp_toujane - Wednesday 1:37pm February 15th 2017
mp_burgundy - Monday 3:01pm February 13th 2017
mp_toujane - Monday 2:00pm February 13th 2017
mp_burgundy - Friday 4:59pm February 10th 2017
mp_burgundy - Friday 3:58pm February 10th 2017
mp_dawnville - Friday 3:41pm February 10th 2017
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STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:54748183
Full Steam Profile: Bl4diii [eyeshow] (verified)
Full Steam ID76561198069762095
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STEAM_0:1:54748183 (verified)
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Total PUGs: 75
Gamertag: EYESHOW -
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