General Information
Name: braden
Age/Gender: 19, Male
Location: Great Britain, DORSET
Registered: 6/3/12
Rank: Member
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 22/12/13
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Username: bozoo
Posts: 3
Threads: 1
Posts/Day: 0
Last Post: 10/9/12
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10/9/12 TBA +2
10/4/12 mp_town
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10/09/12TBA +2
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Date Achievement
26/5/14 I don't like change
Game Defaults
Default Game: Call of Duty
Default Platform: PC
User Changes
4:43pm 14/3/13 Joined BRAHUSKI, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (3v3) team, rank of Captain.
12:16am 14/3/13 Joined Braski, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (2v2) team, rank of Member.
9:38pm 12/3/13 Joined akuma, a PC: Call of Duty 4 team, rank of Member.
3:14pm 4/1/13 Invited to join phantx, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (Mix) team.
4:41pm 11/12/12 Joined phx, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (Mix) team, rank of Member.
4:37pm 11/12/12 Changed username, previously: Jaacka.
7:32pm 4/11/12 Changed username, previously: bZ0
3:30pm 3/10/12 Changed username, previously: krabbY
2:28pm 23/9/12 Changed username, previously: bZO
7:48pm 26/7/12 Changed username, previously: bozoo #swag
EU PC Teams
CoD4 (Mix) phx Member
CoD4 (Mix) phantx Invited
Call of Duty 4 akuma Member
CoD4 (2v2) Braski Member
CoD4 (3v3) BRAHUSKI Captain
Game IDs
Call of Duty 4 GUID: 977d5e99
COD4 GUID (manually entered): aa822dd4
Click Here to view previous Game IDs
Team Changes
Time Game Team Rank Done By
2/9/13:PC: CoD4 (Mix)THE CHOSEN ONESLeft Teamunikje
14/3/13:PC: CoD4 (3v3)BRAHUSKICaptainbozoo
14/3/13:PC: CoD4 (2v2)BraskiMember~ocean
14/3/13:PC: CoD4 (2v2)BraskiApplied to Joinbozoo
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PC Rig Information
GPU: [ATi] HD Radeon 5450
Monitor: 21 [LCD]
Power Supply: 500 watt
Hard Disk Drive(s): 500 GB
Head Phones: steelseries siberia v2
Mouse: [Razer] Deathadder
DPI: 1800
Mousepad: SteelSeries
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 1
In Game Sensitivity: 0.5
Mobile Phone: blackberry curve
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