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ET American 6on6 League (LOCKED)

Competition information
Ladder Information
Admins: Foreigner
Ladder locked 5:55pm 2/4/17 by Foreigner.
The Ladder time is: 28/5/17 - 1:04am
This ladder is set to SUPER TURBO Mode, teams have less time to accept challenges and are able to offer dates very close into the future, there is no protected/vulnerable statuses.
The ladder is LOCKED, challenges cannot be made.

More info about the ELO Rating System can be found here, only a teams wins/losses/draws are used when calculating your ratings, a large/small score margin has no effect currently.
A K-Index of 64 is used, starting rating of 1400 and score distribution of 400 is used.
You can challenge teams that are within 25000 of your ELO Rating above or below.
Once your team gets to the top 10, you are only able to challenge teams that are in the top 30 places (as well as within 25000 rating).

If a team declines or fails to accept a match they do not lose any ELO.

You cannot play the same team twice in a row.
Time given to accept a match: 24h
Team members required to challenge: 6
Players are allowed to be in 2 teams at a time
Teams are able to challenge up to 10 teams at once.
Teams can be challenged provided they are in less than 10 matches at once.
For this ladder, the challenging team chooses their map when challenging then the defending team chooses their map, both maps are then played at the scheduled match date.
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