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Competition information
After the big success of the Outpost on Fire Lan in Belgium, we're happy to announce yet another P2P Season here on Cybergamer. In hopes of future LANs we want to keep activity high in our beloved game and hope to see some old and some new teams back active for this season.

The only major change will be the playoffs which will be Double Elimination. We also offer single player roster changes for 5€ as teams requested it highly (you still have 3 changes per season for free)

Teams can join the ladder at any point during the season with a minimum amount of 5 players and a maximum amount of 7 players. After the ladder has started the rosters are locked and will not be allowed to make team changes. We will however allow 3 roster changes over the season via support ticket.
Players can switch teams as often as they want but will have to wait 24 hours after leaving a team to join another. A player can only be in one team at a time.

Ladder Duration
We will return to the usual 2 months.

Payment Method
Payment will be done via my private paypal, please note down your team link and name of the captain. Prizing will be 25€ please make sure you send it as gift.
This will open up the possibility of donations for the prize pool, Donators will receive a heartwarming thank you in this forum thread and will be listed in the main post.
Donators message will be noted down under their donation amount (not stolen by twitch at all)

Mixer Rule:

Teams being caught playing with mixers will receive a 1 week match ban. Meaning they are not allowed to play P2P, CGo or PUGs. For mixing please use the Open Mix Ladder.

All other rules like minimum required amount of matches will stay at 15 matches.

Ladder Details:

Payment address (PayPal):
Payment amount: 25€ - This season I will not cover your fees, so if you are incapable of sending 25€ as a gift, you should send 26€ or 27€ to cover the fees.
Payment comment: Link to the team + CG Name of the captain
Ladder Link:
Ladder Start: 7th May (will start earlier as soon 8 teams paid)
Ladder Duration: 2 Month 7th May - 9th July
Playoffs: 23rd July
Prize Pool: (will be updated below with incoming payments / donations)

SPOILER: Click to view

Winners Season 3
Ladder Information
Admins: GoTTiii, Jonn, MARC, shly, vod
Ladder locked 8:39pm 13/7/17 by GoTTiii.
The Ladder time is: 28/7/17 - 10:38am
This ladder is set to TURBO Mode, teams have less time to accept challenges and are able to offer dates very close into the future.
The ladder is LOCKED, challenges cannot be made.

Ladder Time: 10:38am, Friday 28th JulyOpen
Rank Team Name & Match Details Status
1 EraseME Gaming p2p
Free to challenge or be challenged.
2 Don't cry EMO KID | P2P
Free to challenge or be challenged.
Free to challenge or be challenged.
4 trouble gaming
Free to challenge or be challenged.
5 Dragon SlayerS
Free to challenge or be challenged.
6 The Wizards of CoDz
Free to challenge or be challenged.
7 Nasty Empire
Free to challenge or be challenged.
8 Unknown GaminG
Free to challenge or be challenged.
9 GamerzOnly | P2P
Free to challenge or be challenged.
10 pulseCore Gaming
Free to challenge or be challenged.
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