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Platform Competition Teams
PC CoD4 Open Mix Ladder 98
PC CoD4 2v2 Ladder 0
PC CoD4 3v3 Ladder 1
PC Call of Duty 4 Nations Cup 21
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UsernameLooking forAdded
PeTeR :X Main Team 27/6/15
iRusher Any Team 22/6/15
oXyroTH Pro/Invite Team 21/6/15
rEC0ba Main Team 4/6/15
spoonie?! Main Team 30/5/15
mrpwnage Any Team 14/5/15
dela Pro/Invite Team 8/5/15
CaesiuM Main Team 5/5/15
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1:43pm 19/3/15
NL shockZN (Aesthetics - not competing)

5o5 cg

11:45am 21/1/15
RS PEYA (Breaking Point - not competing)

5v5 xf:dovlinho

10:52am 29/12/14
HR QBIG (1ffcb459)

guys when started new season of cga??

3:54pm 23/12/14
HU phanZz


11:24pm 17/7/14

this teamWrite on CoD4 5v5 Ladder's wall

4:40pm 19/5/14
IT Kozaku<3


alifashist liked this post.
7:37pm 1/5/14
TR ChoxjeE

5v5 cg ON unkranked xf:darkblue0

teh_Evade liked this post.
11:47am 16/4/14
IL JewStyle


4:27pm 12/4/14
GB Jonn (Site Admin)

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CyberGamer CoD4 Tournament #1 - Sign-up today and bag &euro;100!: Page 2 | Call of Duty 4 Discussion

CyberGamer CoD4 Tournament #1 - Sign-up today and bag &euro;100!: Page 2 - Call of Duty 4 Discussion

1:46pm 11/4/14
SI m1cHa<3 (TEAM-PHASE - - 31st)

5v5 unranked

5:52pm 10/4/14
HU toceexz (Gumicsimma - not competing)

5on5 rank 7

5:35pm 8/4/14
FR aZuMi (RemaKe-eSport - not competing)

5on5 unranked

5:37am 7/4/14
RU renvez (Team RedLine - not competing)


7:13pm 2/4/14
FR No WaY> (BEYOND - not competing)

seek a war in cod4 wall HAHAHA go match finder

Sulph8 liked this post.
9:52pm 30/3/14
IT tekQ


9:14pm 30/3/14
FR bOMbER94 (WtF bis - not competing)

yWrite on CoD4 5v5 Ladder's wall

12:12am 30/3/14
IT tekQ


3:45pm 29/3/14
PT Nightwalker SL

5v5 add me

9:13pm 28/3/14
DE souX3D

seekin' 5on5 for 23 cet - unranked

8:34pm 28/3/14
IT tekQ


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