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View Profile JOHN DEERE 3v3
Ranking: #30
Wins 17
Losses 11
Last Time: Won (21 - 19) View
Rivalry 1 wins
Streak 5
Ranking: #0
Wins 0
Losses 2
Last Time: Loss (19 - 21) View
Rivalry 0 wins
Streak 0
Match Details
Match ID: 786785
Match Status: Completed
Competition: CoD2 S&D 3v3 Ladder
Resolved by: sharyn at 9:55pm 21/3/17.
Match Time: 17/3/17 - Friday 10:45PM CEST More
Played: 66 days, 17 hours, 5 min ago
Min Notice: 2 Minutes
Challenge Created: 10:10pm 17/3/17
Sent By: bagriiK at 10:10pm 17/3/17
Accepted By: KoXX123 at 10:12pm 17/3/17
Game: PC, Call of Duty 2 (3v3)
Challenger: JOHN DEERE 3v3
Defender: 4fun
JOHN DEERE 3v3 ELO Rating 1547.3
4fun ELO Rating 1344.9
expected outcome
0.8 (.5 = expects a draw, closer to 1 expects a win)
expected outcome
0.2 (.5 = expects draw, closer to 1 expects win)
If JOHN DEERE 3v3 wins: They'd go up 15.2 and 4fun would go down 15.2
If 4fun wins: They'd go up 48.8 and JOHN DEERE 3v3 would go down 48.8
Map 1: mp_dawnville
Map 2: mp_matmata
Post Match Results
JOHN DEERE 3v3 submitted: bagriiK(11:13pm 17/3/17)
JOHN DEERE 3v3 Scored: 21
4fun Scored: 19
4fun submitted: KoXX123(11:10pm 17/3/17)
JOHN DEERE 3v3 Scored: 21
4fun Scored: 19
Post Match
Winner: JOHN DEERE 3v3
JOHN DEERE 3v3: 21
4fun: 19
Half time: Half time screenshot
Full time: Full time screenshot
Uploaded Demos
Name Time
ludo77 10:20pm 18/3/17
Forum Threads
View Profile JOHN DEERE 3v3
Name: Avail Status GUID
bagriiK - Online 20h 24m ago
CGAC - 20h 24m ago
773c0c44 (manual)
- Offline ee9eb9a6 (manual)
Inmotion - Online 19h 8m ago
CGAC - 19h 8m ago
789bff51 (manual)
ludo77 - Offline 51dab01f (manual)
Mokr - Offline
CGAC - 19h 8m ago
de4d91c8 (manual)
Pierre_de_Croissant - Offline 48f256e4 (manual)
RnDll89 - Online 56m ago
CGAC - 19h 8m ago
26dfd6be (manual)
SaileNt - Offline d055354a (manual)
Name: Avail Status GUID
Team has no players
Challengers members at match time
Defenders members at match time
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