View Profile Affecto Gaming
Ranking: #2
Wins 9
Losses 2
Last Time: -
Rivalry -
Streak 5
View Profile Creat!ve Scrim Team
Ranking: #7
Wins 6
Losses 3
Last Time: -
Rivalry -
Streak 2
Match Details
Match ID: 606388
Tournament: Call of Duty 1 Rifles Only SD Night Cup #1
Match Status: Completed
Tournament Bracket: Main Bracket
Match Time: 21/6/15 - Sunday 8:50PM AEDT More
Played: 736 days, 23 min ago
Challenge Created: 8:40pm 21/6/15
Challenge Sent: 8:40pm 21/6/15
Accepted: 8:40pm 21/6/15
Challenger: Affecto Gaming
Defender: Creat!ve Scrim Team
Post Match Results
Affecto Gaming submitted: kaak(9:40pm 21/6/15) then updated by loftzu(9:38pm 21/6/15)
Affecto Gaming Scored: 13
Creat!ve Scrim Team Scored: 7
Creat!ve Scri... submitted:
Affecto Gaming Scored: 13
Creat!ve Scrim Team Scored: 7
Post Match
Winner: Affecto Gaming
Affecto Gaming: 13
Creat!ve Scrim Team: 7
View Profile Affecto Gaming
Name: Avail Status Rank
5NOCKZ - Offline Member
- Offline Invited
barteQzRR - Offline Member
blZZZ - Offline Member
loftzu - Offline Captain - Offline Captain
MORTEK - Offline Member
PELE. - Offline Member
philinsky - Offline Member
Reletiv - Offline Member
VENXZRR - Offline Member
vodka18 - Offline Member
View Profile Creat!ve Scrim Team
Name: Avail Status Rank
Andyyyyy - Offline Captain
biejay - Offline Member
bouwvakkeRRR - Offline Member
efxtive - Offline Member
ELANO - Offline Member
Juniorll - Offline Member
kaak - Offline Captain
Laoch - Offline Member
oyz - Offline Member
Tiuso - Offline Member
VENXZRR - Offline Member
Yurizan - Offline Member
Challengers members at match time
Defenders members at match time
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