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GUID Information
Seen in servers
GUID: d56cc433
Full GUID: 47d66d84ff8f63bc0f3188d2d56cc433
Location: AU Australia, New South Wales - Newcastle
Alias: x5.Spachala`AMD | Alienware
CG Username: spachala
Seen:49 times, 10th Dec 2008 to 6th Oct 2009
Played:9 Hours 30 Minutes
CG Standing:Loading...
CG User:spachala
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Aliases Used
x5.Spachala`AMD | Alienware 8.5h Spachala 50m x5.Spachala 5m
Seen in Servers
AU CM 2| #9
4.5h AU CM 2| #8
AU CM 2| #6
1h AU CM 2| #2
AU CM 2| CGo - Wargrounds Australia vs Elite Op...
35m AU CM 2| CGo - pG Special Air Services vs Team...
AU CM 2| CGo - SUPERCLAN vs Australian Vengeanc...
15m C.Warmod Fbeta #7
C.Warmod Fbeta #8
10m C.Warmod Fbeta CGo - pG Special Air Service...
AU C.Warmod Fbeta Team Artificial | CuBOSGamin...
5m C.Warmod Fbeta #9
AU Promod CyberGamer CoD PUG No. 25 - mp_hanga...
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
1:31pm 6/10/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
12:52pm 16/9/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
12:04pm 16/9/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
5:30am 8/8/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
1:50pm 2/8/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
11:35am 2/8/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
1:32pm 25/7/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
12:50pm 24/7/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
11:40am 22/7/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
1:25pm 20/7/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
2:10pm 18/7/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
4:30pm 17/7/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
3:27pm 17/7/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
1:06pm 17/7/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
3:50pm 16/7/09AUAustralia, New South Wales - Newcastle
Frequently plays with
Related IDs
Game Alias GUID / STEAMID Count
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU teaminq.Spachala! fbfafc46 1600
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU x5.Spachala`AMD f2adefa3 1325
pc cod5 COD: World at War AU warpa1nz 0a1bedd0 90
pc cod1 Call of Duty 1 AU x5.Spachala f3aa3658 21
pc sof Soldier of Fortune 2 AU spachala :: sof2godz c68c351a 20
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU sqL | y0shi:.[.gif] ea2ae691 5
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