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GUID Information
Seen in servers
GUID: 5570bd1b
Full GUID: 40d89143cfd588476295724e5570bd1b
Location: AU Australia, South Australia - Adelaide
Alias: elitew >> k1lldya*
CG Username: killdya (99%), Velosity (1%)
Seen:464 times, 22nd Jun 2007 to 22nd Nov 2011
Played:5 Days
CG Standing:Loading...
CG User:killdya
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Aliases Used
elitew >> k1lldya* 4d elitew << k1lldya 8.5h TEAM-JUNAK.KiLLDYA' 7h
elitew >> k1lldya 4.5h k1lldya. 4h elitew >> recru1t1ng* 3h
eW|K1lldya! 3h 0))) k1lldya___ 2.5h warheroes_k1lldya* 1.5h
elitew >> k1lldya! 1.5h k1lldya.clanless 1.5h k1lldya___ 1h
u4. k1lldya 1h var1ous.rASMUS- 1h SUPERVETmaqtula 58m
teamjnk!k1lldya___ 54m k1lldya.QT- 52m k1lldya.wF 47m
/k1lldya. 42m SPEED-LINK.L-KiNG 40m .stanray1 37m
violetmoon!delirus* 35m john. 34m int!killdya:. 31m
iG! GraphicZ 30m rushhh k1lldya:. 30m killdya 30m
Intgaming-k1lldya. 25m w!seman.donald- 25m k1lldyaakalyndon. 15m
imbatech.k1lldya 15m r@gee___ 15m flawed-methods.k1lldya^ 15m
iMMUNE - k1lldya. 15m k1lldya 15m .minion | k1lldya 15m
dR | kildya. 15m var1ous.k1lldya- 10m _dmz | k1lldya 10m
:::k1lldya::: 10m ///KiLLDYA___ 10m odyssey k1lldya. 8m
random. 8m #cG.k1lldya- 5m OK 1 3.0 0 (W... 5m
w!seman- 5m delirus*dF- 5m killdy 5m
df.k1lldya 5m imbatechKILLDYA 5m ^IMBA k1lldya 5m
FISHERMANk1lldya/----, 5m iG k1lldya. 5m _k1lldya^^ 5m
+cl1que | k1lldya- 5m imba ~ k1lldya___ 5m |k1lldya| 5m
me.clanless 5m .m1n1on | k1lldya 5m Jed1-clanless 5m
k1lldya.weFAIL 5m w4LL___ 5m iG! k1lldya- 5m
#vzne.k1lldya_ 5m FXmetal 5m vM maqtula. 5m
jNK - k1lldya. 5m mETRO 5m kudios 5m
Seen in Servers
AU public
4d AU GameArena COD2 #1 SD Popular Maps
AU FragnatiX Gaming
7h AU - CoD2 Server 3
AU CGo - Schutz Staffel vs FragnatiX Gaming
4.5h AU *{PotW}*AussieServer |SenseTheSpeed.Com
AU CG Booking - forluls
2h AU CoD2 Server 4 - Team rcon
AU GameArena COD2 #3 DM Popular Maps
57m AU CoD2 Server
AU CG Booking - forgiggles
47m AU CoD2 Server
AU pent.up BITCHES
15m AU CoD2 Server
AU Schultz Staffel PUBLIC|
5m AU GameArena COD2 #4 CTF All Maps
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
2:14pm 22/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
2:54pm 23/9/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
4:04pm 10/9/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
12:30pm 18/8/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
3:25pm 26/6/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
11:15am 20/6/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
10:45am 31/5/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
8:25am 29/5/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
10:25am 28/5/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
4:25am 28/5/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
11:45am 26/5/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
11:10am 26/5/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
8:40am 26/5/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
2:20pm 15/5/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
10:22am 15/5/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
Frequently plays with
Related IDs
Game Alias GUID / STEAMID Count
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU wh'killdya* 00328678 650
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU elitew >> mmrs* 40818db4 475
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU elitew >> gummybear 927296ca 265
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU Cone_N c28c8804 230
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU fatality7vlad- 46e3d2b0 40
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU iN.T.Moore <3 1242c4e9 25
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU Ca1Lum 5fb260de 15
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU vlad- 87bd1fec 10
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU xTR.:|CandyMan+ 7b367001 5
pc cod5 COD: World at War AU swifty__ df0fb87c 5
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU ^6Plarx^3!^6. 719631d6 5
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU Andy 719cc96c 5
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