I've taken upon myself during the month of June in my freetime, I will be doing a community (not just ESEA) movie with deagle frags. How can you be apart of this movie?

Please upload your frag to a file hosting site like naming your file as:

name_demotick_frag_map (frag being the number of frags you got)

afterwards, send me a PM with a download link, and a short description of what happens in your demo. Please include in your message, what country you are from!

frags can be from mm/scrims/pugs/league matches - ***NO FAKED/CHEATED FRAGS***


Do Submit:

-fast frags
-1 bullet 2/3k kills
-insane shots

Don't Submit:
-frags that isnt using the deagle for entire clip
-faked frags/cheated frags
-1k's (unless its one of those insane shots)
-frags where you miss like 3 or 4 bullets at a time for 1 kill
-long clips where you kill a guy and have to run across the map for the 2nd kill etc (or have to wait out the time)
-frags where you miss while in their face and they miss an entire clip on you and allow you to kill them lol


PM's that dont follow the file naming process + description, or submit something that is under the "dont submit" section will be deleted immediately!


My previous work:

Team movie:


if i have missed anything, i will update accordingly and post a new topic!

Thanks for reading, any bumps appreciated!

3.3 years ago

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