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This tutorial is made to help players with setting up their private servers to be able properly play official CyberGamer matches.
Everything in here is explained in details.
After you've done all these steps right, you can start to play CyberGamer matches on your own server.

- Step 1: Download the latest version of zPAM competative mod.

- Step 2: Tranfer zPAM to your server via FTP. This process differs from one hosting company to another, but basically it can be done via Web FTP or some 3rd party FTP client eg. "Filezilla", "SmartFTP", "FireFTP", etc. You will need to copy "zPAM206.iwd" to server's main folder. Replacing default with zPAM's "server.cfg" is recommended, but most of servers should function fine with a default "server.cfg" too. Anyway if you don't know how to do it, contact customer support of your hosting company, they can help you out with that.

- Step 3: After you started your server with latest version of zPAM, you are ready to stream your server to PBBans. If you already have PBBans account, you may now proceed to next step, and if you don't have PBBans account, you will have to register there first. While filling registration form, make sure you set "Are you a Server Admin?" box to "Yes". After that you will have to validate your account registration through email message. After this you are ready to login into PBBans forums and proceed to next step.

- Step 4: In this step we're gonna prepare our server for streaming via "Automated Streaming Setup". The good thing about PBBans is that you don't have to do this step ingame like on some other PunkBuster streaming services, you just have to allow your browser to run Java applet, and after that you can do the whole thing online.
Here's example of successfully filled "Automated Streaming Setup" form:

Note: Your messages will be slightly different because my server was already streamed, but in general following message means that everything was okay during setup: "[MSG] No error occured during setup. Server should be ready to stream".

- Step 5: If you already have your streaming account you can skip to next step. Just to clarify, this one is not PBBans account, it's something like a subaccount in your PBBans account. So if you don't have it, you will have to make it by filling and submiting streaming application.
"PBBans Full Streaming" and "PBBans Lite Streaming", how to know which one do I need? The main difference between these two streaming account types is pretty simple, players who have their own gaming organization, and then so a fully operational website can apply for a "Full Streaming", and all the other players can apply for "Lite Streaming" which doesn't require website.
In application form following boxes are required: Team information - "Name, Tag, Email", User information - "PB GUID, Game, Server IP & Port".
After you submit application, you will get a message about confirming your streaming account to your email in period from 24 to 48 hours.

- Step 6: Now that you have entered into your streaming account click "Manage Servers" button in your "Team Control Panel". It will lead you to "Server Overview". From there select Call of Duty 2 and click "Add new server". This will lead you to another page, in there you will have to fill in your server details.
About the flags, fill them EXACTLY like on these pictures:

Note: If you have "Lite Streaming", all violation bans that occurred on your servers are going to be stored on UMBi(Unofficial Master Ban Index), and if you have "Full streaming", they will automatically be stored on MBi(Master Ban Index). PBBans made this division primarily because of the fake ban reports in the past.

After you have properly finished this form, site will tell you that game server is added to your account and is awaiting admin approval. In most cases admin will accept your server in less then 24 hours, and you will be notified by a message to your email.

- Step 7: After approving your server from PBBans admin, you are almost ready for playing matches on your server. Next step is loading zPAM CVAR & MD5Tool list. For this you will have to download zPAM from your server(/cl_allowdownload 1) or download it from CyberGamer and place it in your Call of Duty 2 main folder. When you do this, simply connect to your server, log in with your rcon through console and press 6 on your quickcommands list. In default player config, you can open quickcommands list by pressing button "V". This step is mandatory to insure that everybody have some kind of CVAR & MD5Tool protection on their server.
This kind of loading was primarly made for free servers which can't be streamed, but it's mandatory for all servers.

- Step 8:
Last thing you will have to make is change pam_mode according to league/ladder/cup rules.
Following pam_modes are currently available for CyberGamer:
Search and Destroy:
- cg
- cg_1v1
- cg_2v2
- cg_mr3
- cg_mr10
- cg_mr12
- cg_rifle
- cg_rush
Team Deathmatch:
- cg
- cg_1v1
- cg_2v2
- cg_rifle
- cg
- cg_1v1
- cg_2v2
Capture the Flag:
- cg
- cg_2v2
- cg
- cg_rifle

You should now be able to play CyberGamer matches on your CoD2 server.
If you're having issues with setting your server, feel free to post them here, and ask for help.

- Usefull links:
PunkBuster client files: Download
PunkBuster server files: Download
zPAM mod: Download

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