CyberGamer Invite League CS:GO - Full Info!

CGi CS:GO Full information.

The time has come! After weeks of meticulous planning, advertising and sponsorship negotiations, the CyberGamer CS:GO Invite league is live! The league will see 20 teams battle it out for €1750, hardware prizes courtesy of Tt eSPORTS and of course the crown that comes with placing 1st! The schedule sees teams playing three times a week up until early December and there shall be streams throughout the season.

As well as this, we have opened the Amateur ladder which will see the top placing teams moved into either the Main or Invite leagues depending on activity. Again with thanks to our sponsors, Tt eSPORTS, the top three placing teams will receive some great hardware prizes of which can be seen on the next page!


Please could all Invite teams take note of the following announcements:

The league works on a wildcard system. All teams have been allocated 8 wildcards and if you cannot play on the set date (the time is not important - you may play your match on the day at any time), you must use a wildcard. The wildcard opens the match for the next 7 days, allowing you time to reschedule and play your match. If 7 days later teams still have not played the match, a further wildcard may be used and so on. You are recommended to use your wildcards wisely as forfeit wins will be given to those that do not play their matches on time. Special considerations will be made for teams when they are attending LAN events if they can prove that's the reason for requiring the match day be moved - in which case a wild card shall not be required for the first 7 days.

All rosters and team names have been locked. You are allowed to change 1 player per month and have 1 panic change to use over the whole season. The panic change allows you to change 2 players at one time. For roster changes and team name changes, please submit a support ticket.

At the end of the season the bottom three placing teams will be demoted to the Main league or Amateur ladder activity depending. Further details regarding this will be announced in due course.

Please take a moment to check the rules page where you can see our stance on grenades and more importantly those damned fire grenades!


As a final note, good luck to all teams and if you are interested in supporting CyberGamer through admining the leagues, please refer to this post and submit an application today!
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