The Best Part of LAN - A Chat With Gamers @ i46

We chat to COD4 players at i46 about the tournament, their matches and we ask: What's the best thing about LAN?

What's your favourite thing about LAN events? The exciting, tense games? The prospect of being on stage and winning prize money? The alcohol?

For me, the best part of LAN is the gamers. For a long time now I've been attending iSeries as a spectator because I'm quite content hanging out with these people who have similar interests to me (Mainly gaming!). It's not often you get 2000+ gamers in one place who all have one thing in common and when you do, magical things happen.

Having seen some of this 'magic' first hand, I suppose this is one of the reasons I enjoy making videos from events so much! I enjoy exploring a LAN hoping to capture that moment when 2 of your friends get gaffer taped to another unsuspecting event-goer by a booth babe just to win a slice of pizza.

Even if something like that doesn't happen... there's still a good chance I'll get to stroke Aidan's leg. I count that as a win.

Here's the latest video from Streamgasm where we find out what some of the players think about the LAN and how they think they did at i46. Oh, and Roo carries Gunjax. No change there then.

If you enjoyed the video throw us a like to show your support and in the comments below, let me know, What is the next LAN you're going to? and What was the best thing you ever saw at a LAN?
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